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Valorie gazed out upon the world stretched out before her. A chilly breeze steadily blew past her, causing her to shiver. Right now she was reminiscing about the start of her journey as a pokemon trainer. You see, she was in Iccirus City, the place where it had all started. Or rather... she was near it. You see, Valorie was currently sitting atop Dragonspiral Tower, a place she had always watched from a distance when she was younger. Now that she had pokemon, she could actually visit it. Of course, she had yet to attempt going inside. None of her pokemon were actually currently out of their pokeballs. She had wanted to be alone up here. Was she ever really alone though? She had her pokemon. Valorie vainly attempted to convince herself that she was not lonely, that she didn't have problems getting along with others. Why then, was she mere minutes away from her hometown where her childhood friends lived, alone? A feeling of depression washed over her, her confidence in herself shaken. She immediately began recalling a less happy memory, one of the words she and Mesprit had shared just after they had saved the human race, right after the young group of heroes had split up. Cue flashback.

Mesprit: "...You should reach out more, you know."

Valorie had glanced at Mesprit, mildly put off by the suggestion. What, she wasn't social enough?

Valorie: "..."

Mesprit: "I know you don't want to hear it, but I know how you feel. I know what you desire. You pursue it with such intensity... Yet... In your ambition I fear that you will get what you want, but at a terrible cost."

Valorie's face contorted into one of irritation. She hated being read like a book like that, having her most private emotions laid out in front of someone.

Mesprit: "Valorie... The two things you want most. I don't believe you can have them both... I'm sorry."

Valorie actually sent Mesprit a chilling /glare/. The legendary psychic pokemon could feel the resentment emanating from her. The two fell silent for a time, neither leaving the other. All of the others had already stepped out. Yet they delayed momentarily. Valorie turned her gaze away and refused to look at Mesprit. In her frustration and anxiety she was not willing to hear the pokemon out. Meanwhile, Mesprit watched Valorie silently, aware that she had gone too far.

Mesprit: "... I will ... be around."

And with that, Mesprit had left Valorie. Valorie had watched Mesprit float away, leaving her there. That had hit her hard, like a blow to the gut. For some reason she had expected Mesprit to become a part of her team, to stick with her. To... be her friend...

Valorie snapped out of the flashback, shaking her head. A fresh wave of angst washed over her. Why? Why had Mesprit said what she had said. Why had she done what she had done? Valorie had thought that having something as big as saving the world under her belt and to her name would've made her a happier person, and yet she wasn't. In fact, she was overall angrier and angstier than she had been before the ordeal had started... and she knew it. Mesprit had come to visit her every so often, but had declined to talk about what had happened back there.

As if on cue, Valorie noticed the abrupt appearance of a figure out of the corner of her eyes and looked up to notice Mesprit floating there. She sure hoped she wasn't being spied on or something, though it seemed unlikely. It wasn't like it was rare for her to dwell on that particular moment. It was probably just coincidence.

Valorie: "Hi..."

Mesprit: "Greetings. What're you doing up here..?"

Mesprit sounded mildly curious. Valorie just sort of glanced at her before diverting her attention down at the world below again without responding. She wasn't in the mood. Several minutes of silence later, Valorie released her dragonite, hopping onto Dragonite's back and allowing the rather huge pokemon to carry her down to the ground. Dragonite was rather large, even for her species, at around eleven or twelve feet tall. Regardless, Mesprit followed her as she rode Dragonite down to the ground, sliding off and returning her pokemon before continuing on back down towards Iccirus town. However, upon arriving in the town Valorie found people staring at her. She didn't know why they were doing that, but it definitely made her uncomfortable. What did they think they were doing? I mean really, being impressed by the presence of a legendary pokemon was one thing but people were just /staring/.

Trying to ignore it Valorie headed back towards her house, only to recieve a rather urgent telepathic message from Mesprit.

Mesprit: "Something isn't right... We should leave."

Valorie just sort of gave Mesprit a confused glance. The idea that she could be in danger in her own hometown was appalling to her. Ignoring the warning, though it was on her mind, she continued, only to find two boys and a girl all around her age approaching from nearby. It caught Valorie's attention because they were heading directly into her path. She stopped and turned to look directly at them, only to notice they had pokeballs in their hand. One of the boys spoke up.

Boy: "My parents said--"

The boy received quick nudge and a shush from the girl next to him and he looked over at her confusedly as the girl spoke up instead.

Girl: "That pokemon is /evil/!"

Valorie's eyes just widened a bit at the accusation. For a moment the children and Mesprit just sort of stared at eachother before the children finally got that Mesprit wasn't going to start the fight. They all sent out their pokemon. Valorie was rather unimpressed. They hadn't done anywhere near the training Valorie had, and their pokemon were rather weak. She doubted Mesprit even needed her help. Yet, she felt the need anyway. Perhaps it was because of what they had said. Valorie released her haxorus, which quickly and powerfully ravaged the other kids' pokemon, almost slapping one with her tail who had been way too close to their pokemon when it had been attacked. The children all freaked out almost simultaneously, running away. Valorie found herself frowning despite the display of strength. Normally she would've loved creaming another trainer, but... Those were her friends, even if she hadn't been particularly close to them. It still felt... wrong seeing them run away like that.

Peace did not last long, as Valorie abruptly felt a numbing cold force strike her from behind. Something had just attacked her! She heard Haxorus cry out in pain, though she could no longer see her as she fell forwards, hitting the ground. Valorie slowly rolled onto her back, just in time to feel the ground shake as Haxorus collapsed next to her. She didn't feel well at all, very stiff actually. Above her loomed a man wielding a Vanilluxe. It was then Valorie realized something. Most of her body from the hips up and the stomach down was frozen solid! She let out a sort of horrified whimper upon realizing this. She bend to get up, and more adults were coming to the scene. They were the townspeople..! Valorie couldn't believe what was happening! A sense of betrayal washed over her. Considering where she was, most of them probably had ice pokemon too. Valorie was in way over her head... at least until Mesprit reached down and touched her on the cheek. The ice abruptly shattered under psychic force. Valorie heard a man yell for them to stop her before she was whisked away via teleport by Mesprit.

Valorie could see the sky. They were outside, but something felt ... odd? She couldn't quite place her finger on it. As she tried to steady her breath she looked to her side and it slowly dawned on her where they were... atop Dragonspiral Tower. It must've been the first thing that had come to mind for Mesprit to get away.

Mesprit: "Are you alright..?"

Valorie slowly sat up, a bit of snow falling off of her. She still didn't feel well. Being frozen didn't feel great at all.

Valorie: "What, you can't read that too..?"

Mesprit: "Emotions tell many things. Your physical condition is not one of them."

Valorie didn't respond to that. She would be fine. Or at least... physically. Her day was pretty much ruined. Great. Were her /parents/ in on this? What did she do? People weren't supposed to attack other people! That was /wrong/! Valorie pulled out her phone, shivering, and began to check through it for her parents numbers. Yet... something caught her eye as she did this. A message. Hesitating a moment to consider whether she cared to check her messages at the moment she decided to go on ahead and do it, only to be surprised at the sender. Adriane..? A mix of odd feelings went through her reading the name. She was... somehow happy to hear from her, and yet was concerned at the same time. Mesprit tried to peak at the screen, but Valorie tilted it away, raising an eyebrow at the emotion pokemon. At least her phone was private.

Listening to the message, Valorie was filled with new information that helped her understand what had gone on a bit better. More interesting however was the... very concerned tone in which Adriane spoke. Valorie knew exactly why, but somehow it... reminded her that at least someone still cared besides her pokemon. Valorie shook the thought from her head. Ugh! Why did she have to be so pessimistic? Her pokemon were fine company. It was then she realized that Mesprit was probably aware of exactly what she had just experienced. She sent Mesprit a look, waiting for the pokemon to say something along the lines of 'Denial is not just a river in egypt' or something else like that which would just annoy her.

Mesprit: "It was a friend..?"

Valorie was mildly surprised nothing was said about her feelings, but decided to accept it.

Valorie: "Yeah... Adriane... She got attacked too... She wanted me to call her back."

Valorie was already moving to call back Adriane as she spoke. Yet, Mesprit spoke up and stopped her.

Mesprit: "Wait... I believe I know where they are."

Valorie hesitated and looked up at Mesprit, still freezing cold.

Mesprit: "We can go to them."

Valorie just sort of stared at Mesprit for a moment before putting her phone away.

Valorie: "Alright..."

And with that, Mesprit floated own and touched Valorie's cheek again, once again teleporting them off. This time, Valorie found herself at an unfamiliar place. It was a building of some sort. She got up and brushed some snow off of her, though some of it still littered her golden hair. Mesprit promptly sent a telepathic message to Mew, informing Mew of their presence.

Mesprit: "Please, follow me."

Valorie watched for a moment as Mesprit floated onward, leading her on. Valorie remembered when the two had first met, how Mesprit had lead her in a similar fashion. It had wound up taking her through a rather cramped dirt tunnel and her breaking into a laboratory. She pushed the thought from her mind and followed along as Mesprit lead her towards the others.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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