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    Hmmm; overall a brilliant concept :D
    The graphics are well made; and positioned in a ncie way on maps; creating that Pokemon-Esque feel, the storyline is awesome, and battle screens look good :D

    However there are a few things which I'd suggest you'd change;
    The Gym Leader Warning; I just feel it's unnessecary, you already know what type of Gym it is usually through the Gym Signs or the name of the Town or City - the Gym Leader Warning just seems to give to much away; in essence taking away that anticipation when you go fight the gym leader's first pokemon without knowing what Pokemon the Gym Leader has :/ Moreover having the warning; might possibly make the game to easy; as players would then adapt their team to suit the Gym Leader's; adapting to their Weaknesses and Strengths :/

    Another thing is with the Battle Graphics's; the platform for the Pokemon aren't that appealing; they look more like a dip; rather then something they stand on :/

    Bear in mind; this is my opinion - so don't go changing it due to what I think - just consider what I've said :D
    Hopefully I've helped :D

    Keep the good work up on Amaranth :D
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