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    Name: Marcus "Mark" Frost

    Age: 24

    Pokemon species: Grovyle

    Gender: Male

    Job: Boss/Owner of the cafe Twister Zone, and at night Master thief Shadowspawn

    Appearance: Marcus is a bit tall for his species, standing at 3 feet. He weighs about 22 kg., slightly heavier than the rest of his people. As for appearance, his body color is more bluish than regular Grovyles, having picked up the color from his mother. One more thing he inherited from his mother are her light blue eyes, which are like the color of the morning sky. His leaves have a few cuts here and there, at random spots.

    As for clothing, normally, he can be seen donning a dark brown fedora, and with a small stick in his mouth which he likes to chew. He usually wears a jacket made from the cold fur of a Beartic, symbolizing his caution against his weakness, fire. He wears a locket of the God Rivir, whom he is a believer of. But this is his casual clothing, which he only wears during the day, when he is fulfilling the duty of running the cafe.

    At night, when he is ready to steal, he is seen wearing an outfit made of Reaper Cloth, and wearing Wide Lens. The Wide Lens help him to spot distant objects, while the Reaper Cloth help him to remain camouflaged at night, and in dark places. Another very important thing that aids him during his escapades is a Choice Scarf, that give his Speed a slight boost. Other than that, he will occasionally, on more dangerous, detailed missions, carry a small bag with berries or healing items, although that is rare because Marcus prefers to work with as little load as possible.

    Personality: Marcus is a Pokemon who has two similar kind of personalities, which differ with his work.


    Generally, he is a kind, aloof kind of Pokemon, who is generally clumsy and likes to joke around. He likes to remain around people, talk, have a laugh, and generally a fun kind of guy. He is pretty goofy, likes to play pranks on others. He is seldom seen in a serious mood. Marcus doesn't like to share his personal feelings and life with colleagues from work, but when he is stressed or depressed, he may express his emotions. Outside work, he may be seen going to a few shops and buying things for his family, as he cares for them a lot as he deeply cares about his close friends and families, and will do anything to save them.

    He also has a slightly arrogant side to him, he will never give up on an opportunity to boast. Whether they be of his achievements, his social position, he will often boast in front of his enemies. Marcus doesn't really have a short temper, he doesn't get angry rather easily. He likes music a lot, specially the kind of music a worker in his cafe, Riley plays. As for his beliefs, he believes in the God Rivir, the god of strength, honor and victory. He is not a crazy prophet or die-hard believer though, he mostly sticks to the once per week visits to the local temple devoted to that deity.

    He also has a passion for cooking food, although it is more of a hobby. He'll help out his chefs in the kitchen sometimes, when he is done with the regular maintaining of the cafe and getting to know about latest treasures in the town to steal. Some of his favorite things include Moo Moo Milk (his favorite stuff) and treasures (really precious one) He shares a very close bond with his mother, and still visits her whenever it is possible. A lot of the money he gets from stealing is given to her, while some is used to maintain the cafe and for himself.

    -At Work, Cafe-

    Well, the cafe started by Marcus was more of a hobby, since Marcus had always wanted to be a chef when he grew up. When it comes to the cafe, it is something that he deeply cares about, and loves it a lot. One of the reasons he steals is to keep up with the pay required for the cafe. While the reasons he steals are not entirely selfish, essentially they are for his own cause. The cafe is like a piece of his heart, and nothing can convince Marcus to leave it.

    As for the people working in it, he treats them like his very close friends. He doesn't like to make them work like slaves, and let's them have fun while doing their job, because that's exactly what he likes to do as well.

    History: (What is your history up to this point)

    Moves: 6 max, but if you like you can have 4 normal ones and a custom one. The custom one cannot be more powerful than any other move out there, must be your type, and associated with your species/type*, and you need to write a paragraph at least describing the move. Also in your history you need to tell how you came up with this unique ability.

    * Example Gardevoir’s Pokedex description says they can form a small black hole to protect their trainer so you can turn that into a move.
    Also consider moves can be used outside combat for your day to day life.

    RP Sample: (If you are not in another RP with me you will need one)

    Will edit later xP
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