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BinaryPeaches, try Stream of Passion. I imagine them being similar to what you're after. Passion, Deceiver and The Scarlet Mark are probably decent starting points.

As for the English music thing, there's quite a lot to work with. I agree with other people in that Gorillaz are a good starting point. I'll just list random stuff.

Gorillaz - Check out some of the stuff from this album, then get Demon Days imo.
Jamie T - Quite hard to get into for some people I guess. Check out some of his more popular stuff like If You Got The Money, Sticks 'n' Stones and The Man's Machine. If you're into that then have a look at Kings & Queens then Panic Prevention.
Chase & Status - Massive electronic / DnB / occasional rap from London. Check out Let You Go, Time, Against All Odds and Hitz (strong language). They cover loads of stuff so this is hardly representative, though. Most of those are from No More Idols.
Nero - London house and dubstep. See if you like Guilt, Promises, Me And You and Act Like You Know. They have one full album, it's called Welcome Reality.
Pendulum - Australian DnB relocated to the UK for the majority of their musical career. One of my favourites. They have a load of good stuff so rather than just listing things, I think you can take a look at their page for ideas.
Pink Floyd - I don't know much about them, but they're absolute giants. Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall are both great.
The Stone Roses - Love Fool's Gold by them.
Ed Sheeran - Pretty big acoustic pop stuff right now. The A Team and You Need Me I Don't Need You are both pretty big right now.

I... went a bit overboard there. I'll let you get through those and if you want more then I have loads.

I've thanked a few of you already, but thanks to everyone who rec'd me stuff! I'll get to it asap.
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