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    It's no problem. I feel like I've been neglecting this thread because I only venture here to post, and reply to reviews, whereas on SPPF I'm constantly editing the Chapter Index and making tiny corrections for the chapters. :/ I'm going to start getting this thread up to speed, too.

    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    I have noticed, though, that you don't capitalise 'Pokémon' or 'Poké Balls', despite the fact that you capitalise the names of individual species; generally, it's better to be consistent with things like that.
    Capitalization was one of the things I decided upon when I first started writing. I achieved each conclusion independently, so I didn't stick to any type of formula, like 'If I capitalize Pokémon, I'll also capitalize Pokéball'. Here's my reasoning for each:

    Pokémon: I never capitalize the noun 'pokémon' when I'm using it in the context of 'that pokémon over there', because in the realm of fanfiction, it would be equivalent to 'that animal over there'. (Animals don't exist in the Pokémon world, since their counterparts are the pokémon, so in this story, I refer to then just as I would refer to a regular animal.) The only time I capitalize Pokémon is when I'm talking about the actual franchise, which is unlikely in a story.

    Pokémon species are an old habit of mine. My main reason for capitalizing them is because it looks cleaner. When my eyes move over the species-name of a pokémon, they just instinctively expect it to be capitalized, since it's the official name that the franchise gives to that particular species. I'm choosing not to get technical with this, since with an in-depth analysis, you could put up a convincing argument for either side.

    Pokéball: It's a brand name, but I figured it would eventually become one of those proper nouns that become so widely used that they turn into common nouns. I don't remember ever going in depth about the pokéball's invention, except for a brief reference in the first chapter, so I may have to do that soon.

    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    There was also this:

    The force of the wind instantly propelled both Yanma and Clefable into the air, and sent a powerful downdraft sweeping through the battlefield.
    It seems seriously implausible for a Yanma to be able to lift a Clefable into the air, given their relative sizes and weights; a Yanma probably can't really carry any sort of load above a few pounds, what with that dragonfly body structure and all.
    I imagined Yanma to be a super-strong flier, with durable wings capable of beating a dozen-or-so times per second and propelling it high into the air, while creating strong winds that can wreak havoc below. That's in dire situations, though. The battle was a reference to the HeartGold Pokédex entry, and also to the same game's entry for Yanmega, who can carry an adult aloft. So I figured that Yanma, who evolves by growing into Yanmega, would start out by being able to lift an object the size of Clefable, who (if I recall correctly) is only a few pounds heavier.

    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    Also, would a Gallade not instinctively resort to Fighting moves when its opponent is a Clefable? Their primary type is Fighting, after all; it just seems odd to me that it only really used Confusion and Slash. Even if Jerry doesn't know that it would be better to use Fighting moves - and you did mention that that was kind of the whole reason he actually had the Gallade - then you would think that it would know what to do by instinct, since that's how they probably fight in the wild. In addition to that, given the fact that you seem to include the fact that Clefable can take Special hits rather well, it seems unusual that she would have been able to deflect a Psycho Cut.
    Being a Psychic Gym, Jerry would have trained his Gallade to utilize its Psychic side more than it would have in the wild, even if he kept it around for its Fighting moves. So, even though Gallade acted upon his Fighting tendency in opening the battle, when he saw that Clefable was blocking his physical blows rather well, he resorted to tricking her with teleportation. Jerry's Gallade would be more resourceful than a wild one, since he's been trained to optimize all of his abilities. The way I wrote the battle between Clefable and Gallade wasn't too descriptive, which I did to achieve a certain effect. I summarized what Michael saw, and only called attention to a few commanded attacks to create the image of continuous motion while his eyes were on Clefable.

    I hope I've satisfied your questions. Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the chapters!
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