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    "When I said get me out of here, I meant out of the cave," Shaun said tiredly, body sagging.

    He eyed the rather large hole that Sableye had led him to. It was a den inside the cave that he had to crawl to. It was a long tunnel, finally ending with a rather large opening that was closed off on all sides, save for where they just entered from. Rocks were put into specific places into a makeshift bed with softened dirt. Obviously where Sableye slept.

    But what really interested Shaun were all the shiny objects layering about. Most of it trash that trainers had dumped, like a can opener or a few coins. Everything was shiny, especially the gems put into several piles. Some of them glowed, much like the ones outside of this den, but those were only the lighter ones like the blue ones. Each gem was like a rather large marble and was very small. He could hold about five or six in one hand.

    "Sa sa sababa!" Sableye sang happily, jumping onto its dirt bed and curling up happily. It smiled up at Shaun in an open mouth grin. Its long tongue flicked out and picked up a rock and eagerly returned to its mouth. Sableye then bit down with a loud chomp.

    Shaun dropped his stuff and all but collapsed. He lay there, breathing deeply and shivering from the cold. "Fire," he all but whimpered. Weakly, he got to a sitting position and roamed through his backpack. Nearly everything had been completely soaked, but there was one shirt that managed to stay somewhat dry. He tossed it to the ground and coated it with lighter fluid and lit up.

    "Saablye!" Sableye shrieked in surprise, staring at the fire in awe.

    "Don't touch it," Shaun snapped as Sableye's claw drifted towards the now enflamed shirt like a curious child. He tore into a bag of chips like a savage. They were finished within seconds and he was soon eating yet another can of ravioli. He didn't have much food on him, and most of it was pretty much the same thing. As an afterthought he released Riolu.

    With a flash of bright light that ended up hurting Shaun's eyes, Riolu appeared. Its form was horrible. Bruises everywhere and legs shaking. It fell to a sitting position and whimpered. "Riii."

    "Eat," Shaun grunted, stuffing whatever he hadn't eaten of the ravioli towards Riolu. "I don't have anymore potions."

    "Ro," Riolu said with a weak nod. It eyed the food for a moment before wolfing it down.

    "Saba!" Sableye called, creeping forward eagerly, hands out for food.

    "You eat rocks, don't you?" Shaun said snidely. "Here." He tossed a rock at the pokemon, watched it pick it up curiously, and then swallow it whole. "No more," he barked, voice cracking as it held up its hands for more.

    "Lyy," it muttered dejectedly, the spikes on its side seemingly drooping.

    Sighing, Shaun leaned up against the wall. "You know the way out?" he asked gruffly, staring at Sableye.

    Sableye, whom was in the process of eating another rock, paused. It tapped its chin and stared at the ceiling before pointing up and looking curiously at Shaun. "Blye?"

    "Yes," Shaun snapped, lip curling. "Out!"

    Sableye cackled quietly at Shaun's tone before nodding and popping another rock into its mouth. "Ly."

    "Good." Shaun turned to Riolu. "We're gonna sleep now, otherwise we'll be dead if we try getting out of here the way we are. Got it?"

    Grumpily, Riolu nodded. "Rio." It tossed the empty can away, not quite as caring now about trash and eagerly curled up, though it didn't go to sleep. It was watching, guarding in case something happened.

    "And one more thing," Shaun said deeply, turning to stare back at Sableye.

    It tilted its head curiously before giving a shriek of surprise as Shaun tossed a pokeball at it. With a burst of red light, its form turned into energy and was soon sucked into the ball. It began to shake furiously, almost as if it couldn't believe that just happened, but Sableye was weak, and after three harsh shakes the pokeball stopped shaking with a particularly loud ping.

    "Luu," Riolu muttered, sounding content. It closed its eyes, obviously not caring anymore. They were safe for now, and there was no creepy pokemon watching them. It fell asleep quickly.

    Shaun stared at the pokeball for a moment. No thoughts of accomplishment or joy flashed through his mind. Instead, he just breathed out a deep sigh and peeled off his clothes. Everything else in his bag and sleeping bag was soaked, but that didn't mean he had to sleep in wet clothes. When he woke up they would be dry, and the small area was filling up with heat thanks to the fire, though that would burn out in a few minutes.

    He didn't need anything slowing him down when he woke up, and wet clothes were one of those things. With a few grunts, Shaun got as comfortable as he could on the stone floor, finally drifting off to sleep and not even bothering to grab Sableye's pokeball.


    It was the sound of his trainer's raspy breathing that awoke Riolu. He was in a dead sleep – no dreams or twitches. In the end, despite that, his was still incredibly tired and even more so as soon as he opened his gloomy red eyes. "Riii," Riolu yawned widely, stretching fully before turning his sight on his trainer. He was currently fiddling around with his red pokedex.

    Shaun glanced up from his hunched position, breath haggard. His eyes were half lidded and his naked body glistened with sweat. He was probably running a fever. "Good you're awake," he commented gruffly. "Just about to wake you." Riolu nodded in acceptance. "We need to get out of here, but that damn Rhyhorn is out there. It roars occasionally. Kept me up, though it looks like you slept through it."

    Riolu quirked its head. Rhyhorn? His trainer had figured out what it was? "Ro?"

    Shaun smirked tiredly and held out his pokedex for the blue and black pokemon. "Information on Rhyhorn," he demanded, running a hand over the headband on his forehead with careful fingers.

    Rhyhorn, the horn pokemon. Rhyhorn runs in a straight line, smashing everything in its path. It is not bothered even if it rushes headlong into a block of steel. This Pokémon may feel some pain from the collision the next day, however.

    "It's pretty much unstoppable physically," Shaun said gloomily, "so you're Force Palm is out, and I doubt Sableye knows anything good against something like that." He jerked his head at the untouched pokeball. "But it's a mixture of ground and rock, maybe a distant Aura Sphere will help." He closed his eyes in exasperation. "That damn thing won't stop, so a distraction won't work if we just want to run away." His lip curled into a snarl. "We need to take it out."

    "Lu," Riolu nodded fiercely, in complete agreement but sagging slightly. Even his Aura Sphere hadn't stopped it in its tracks.

    "Damn it!" Shaun roared, thinking the same thing as Riolu. He slammed his pokedex down, nearly breaking it. "What else is there!

    Water Jewel, came the electronic voice, startling Shaun out of his self pity. A picture of one of the jewels lying all about appeared on the pokedex screen. It will strengthen the attack of a water type move if held by a pokemon. Ghost Jewel, this jewel will…

    "Wait, wait, wait!" Shaun all but snarled. "You mean these rocks will strengthen a pokemon!" His thoughts went back to his first meeting with the Rhyhorn, thinking about how it had eaten some brown stones. He noticed a few brown ones and pointed his pokedex at them. It was a Ground Jewel.

    As one, both Shaun and Riolu looked into each other's eyes.


    Shaun sorted through the tiny crystals, finding several water, ground, ghost, dark and even a single fighting jewel. This place was a stinkin' goldmine. A pokemon would be powered up if holding these, right? But how did a pokemon 'hold' an item? Cursing, Shaun went through his bag, finding several rope necklaces made from lace like material and his last bandana. Scrambling for Sableye's pokeball, he released the little creature.

    With a burst of white light, Sableye appeared, arms held high and body swaying. "Sab leeye," it sang out in greeting, grinning.

    "Sableye, come here," Shaun muttered, grabbing one of the Ghost and Dark Jewels. As soon as his finger touched even one, Sableye let out a harsh screech and dove on top of the treasure pile, hissing. "Enough!" Shaun barked, eyes crazed. "Do you want to survive or not?"

    Still hissing, Sableye shook its head. "Saa," Sableye snarled, pointing at Shaun's earrings.

    Shaun deadpanned. "Fine," he grit out. "I trade you my earrings for your gems. He fumbled for the jewelry and handed them to the greedy pokemon. It clutched them to its chest before swallowing them whole. Rolling his eyes, Shaun all but dragged the pokemon closer to him as he tied the necklace, now tied up with a single Ghost Jewel since that was all it could hold, onto Sableye.

    "Saa," Sableye hissed in awe, poking at the necklace and feeling its powers. It was a dark purple that had an evil glint to it. Sableye grinned eerily.

    "This will have to do," Shaun muttered, tying the single Fighting Jewel tightly and then tightening it around Riolu's neck like a necklace. It would fall out eventually, but that was all Shaun could… Ok, so maybe it fell out now. "Damn it."

    "Rii," Riolu barked, pointing at Shaun studded bracelet.

    Grunting in thanks at the idea, he retied the brown gem into the bandana and tightened it with the bracelet so it was now fit tightly. For the moment, at least.

    He eyed his pokemon, feeling like he had a chance. These things powered up moves, right? Then he was good.

    "We'll go in a moment," Shaun said, reaching for his clothes that were now officially dry. He didn't bother with any jewelry, though he did make sure the bandana was tight around his forehead. The area was still tender.

    Grabbing his bag, he turned back to the many jewels. He couldn't afford to add anymore weight, but was the harm of a few more? He could sell them maybe. He grabbed one of the dark and water jewels and pocketed them into his bag.

    "Let's go," Shaun ordered, just as they heard Rhyhorn's loud bellow. Their faces hardened as they crawled out of Sableye's little den.
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