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    I can do that. Though I really have to ask one thing; why have grass you can't reach? You could place someone there that could be hiding, a market person handing out a free sample, even an old guy with some useful starting information about the next town or the town with the first gym. Or just give out an old rumor of an abandoned cabin some where in the woods.(Can have the next town be surrounded by the forest with three other directions - Like Saffron City) In one of the other area's of the forest could be the cabin, which the player would find either after the first gym or before it.

    [Intro to gain their Pokemon]
    When the player is choosing their name, you can have a selection screen of some sort come up. This is where the player can choose what they'd like as a starter. When they've chosen this option you can move onto naming a rival or friend. Maybe just save that for when they come into the storyline themselves. Here's the intro:

    The players Uncle came to town just a week earlier to visit his brother and Sister-in-law. Upon hearing how one side of the town has been blocked off, either he can already know his nephew/nieces desire to be in the paper or he catches them just before the player leaves town, finding out then after a brief discussion on what and why they wish to go to another town. From there the Uncle offers to help them out with capturing their first Pokemon and they both walk into the forest. At some spot in the grass you can have the encounter set up where either the player or the Uncle are capturing it. Just have like a commentary on how to catch the Pokemon, given by the Uncle.

    Now that the player has their starter they can head off to the next town on their own. The Uncle may hand over an extra potion or even a repel for them to use, while he goes back to the house to explain to the players parents why he wouldn't be back until later that day. The goal of the player would be to find help or something to get rid of the Snorlax. Maybe the first town directs him to some shop in another town? Or the he'll find his answers inside the abandoned cabin...? Depending on your preference, M.L, decides where the player goes next. Depending on when the player gains a Pokenav, you could have it scripted that they get a call from their mom or call home after they receive one. To let the folks know they're fine. In the case the mother calls it's to find out what's going on, etc.

    For now I'd like to not put in the Team so early. Rumors can be passed around in the first town, but I would like to elaborate more on what they do and how they do it. Simply stumbling upon them in a forest they're in and defeating them with a new Pokemon...seems kinda bad for an introduction to any antagonist group. Rumors could be pointed at thefts/kidnappings/etc across the region or within the town/village/city itself. Clue's can be left behind that the player follows or that helps them find something out for later/soon after finding the clue('s). Personal opinion there - Just not a fan of grunts being so easy to beat. Once the player has like lvl 20 Pokemon, maybe then introduce the/a team they meet. *Shrug* Can introduce other characters/rivals this way too.
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