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    In a very short time, Latios reached the hideout, with Alan's eyes closed. "S-Slow down, s-slow down, please!" he screamed as he felt he would fall off anytime. But then he felt Latios wasn't moving, and opened his eyes, very frightened. He was surprised to find himself in a cave. Not sure if it was safe, he continued to hold on to Latios.

    "Calm down, boy. You are safe now." Latios said calmly via telepathy. "There is nothing to worry about."

    Alan nodded, still scared, and carefully got off the Eon Pokémon. He had this nervous, confused look in his eye. "Wh-where are we? Wh-why did you take me here? Wh-what's going on?"

    "One question at a time." Latios said. "First, we are in a safe spot, where nobody can find us. Second, I brought you here because I need your help. I need you to help us stop something that is about to happen. Something really bad."

    "S-Something bad? I-I don't like this." Alan said, nowhere near calm, "I-I don't wanna die..." Then his eyes widened. "And who do you m-mean by us?"

    "Follow me." Latios said. Alan walked behind him as Latios moved somewhere. He wasn't sure of where the Legendary was taking him, but, then again, he had no choice. Soon Latios reached a small room where Latias and Mew were waiting for him, along with a boy and a girl. Alan panicked again as she saw them.

    "M-more legendaries?" the stressed boy said, "Y-you said nobody c-could find us here..." Then everything turned blurry to him. "I-I knew it, I-I'm gon-na..." he said, his voice fading as he passed out. Latios sighed. "Sorry." he said, "This kid seems to be a bit...unstable. But I am sure he will be helpful once I get to explain everything to him."

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