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Nora crossed her arms and sighed "When will that explanation come then Azelf?" she asked looking around at the place. It seemed like they were in a cave of sorts that's what she could tell through the dark.

"just follow me, and what's your name?" Azelf asked leading her through the cave.

"I'm Nora" she answered looking around "Why did you bring me here?"

"I brought you here because we need your help" Azelf said as they reached a door "the other Legendaries and a few more human's are in here more will be explained.

Nora nodded and entered the room. First she saw a boy on the floor with Latios near him. She also saw another boy and a girl all around her age standing there near Latias and Mew. Nora walked over to the boy and girl and said "Hi I'm Nora. Do you know why we're here?"

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