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    Gad Sylvanhart
    Curiosity Killed The Gad

    Well, figuratively speaking. It didn't KILL me, otherwise I wouldn't be here talking to you now. But it certainly bruised me, youch! I'm not very talkative, so we should probably go on with the story now.


    When I woke up, I was in a totally different place. My head was spinning, and the room was dark. I tried to fix my eyes on a specific object, but it wouldn't work. Poliwrath was gone, appeared to be back in his Pokeball, and me 'uncle' was gone too. I thought maybe it was all a dream and this was really a stupid joke being played on me by Sam. If it was, is would've explained A LOT. I got up, half expecting my head to hit a low ceiling for some odd reason. Luckily, there was no such ceiling, and I managed to get up with only minor difficulty, considering I felt like I'd just been hit by a car. I felt like I was ready to throw up. I'm still amazed I didn't, frankly. I extended my arms and tried to feel my surroundings. Before I knew it, my hand had already knocked over something glass, as I heard it shatter on the ground. I decided to explore away from where I had heard it shatter, as I would most likely step on the glass. My feet brought me to wall after wall, and that's when an idea struck me. Why not attempt to feel where every wall was, to get a good idea of the room's size and shape. When I finished, I had knocked over about five more glass objects, but I had still not been able to deduce where I was.

    Suddenly, a blinding light turned on. It blinded me for a moment, and then I looked around. I was in a relatively large room, and was a large table in the middle. Suddenly, a door opened and a boy came through, with..a Latias? Impossible. Then, came a girl...with a Mew? This was just getting less realistic by the second. Then, another boy came with a Latios, but he seemed scared out of his mind, and passed out soon enough. Nobody could see me because I was in a corner with a desk, atop which sat a vase, behind me. I hate that vase from this day forward, I swear. I backed up, also frightened at all these legendaries in one place. The guy with the Latias and the girl with the Mew started talking. What was this? Perhaps we had all been kidnapped by legendaries? Maybe they were scheming against the human race once more. I was confused, and slightly scared, so I backed up a little. Finally, I gathered the courage to speak, and interrupt the two other kids' chat. Also, that was another peculiar thing, the only people there were no older than I. "Hey! You people!" I shouted, directing it at both the chatting kids and the legends near them. "Where the heck am I?!" I backed up a little more. Just then, my back touched the desk behind me, and the vase I spoke about fell on top of my head. "Ah!" I shouted, but just then, my foot slipped, and I fell down on the ground, my face landed flat on the hard surface. I felt like my nose had been broken. For a few moments, I was motionless, until I groaned and got back up. "Ugh..." I rubbed my nose a little before staring at these legendaries again. Now, either I had just been abducted by legendaries for their secret plot, or I had just embarrassed myself terribly.
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