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(OoC: :3 Note that Spike isn't wearing his shirt but tied around his waist.)

Wouldn't you know it Adriane was here too, along with Mew too. "Hello." Adriane said. "Long time no see. It's pretty horrible we've gotta meet under these circumstances. It was insane, being chased by those towns people."

"You're telling me." Spike commented back. "Of course, I wasn't spotted at all." He smirked at his luck & skill. No one had caught him. He was just too good. Latias waved hello to Mew, happy to see her friend. Kirlia felt someone was coming, motioning to one of the cave holes. Spike noticed Kirlia & looked at the direction he was looking. A boy & a Latios entered...the boy was freaking out for some reason, & passed out. Spike only shook his head in disappointment.

"Latios~!" Latias flew around Latios in joy. "It's good to see you!" She was happy to see Latios again. Someonne else came. It was a girl & Azelf. At least she wasn't freaking out.

"I'll just make it short. The humans want revenge on the legendaries for locking them up a year ago, end of story." Wow, that was short... Then someone else came, shouting something Spike didn't wanna bother. A boy & Uxie. Where was Valorie & Mesprit? Surely she would come too. The boy...was being clumsy. The vase fell on him & he slipped to the ground. That just put a weirded face on Spike just looking at the embarressment. Again he shook his head. "How weird..." He said to the boy that then got up as he continued. "You must be one of the newcomers. This is the legendary rebel hideout." He walked back to Adriane as she was the only one Spike knew, also a friend.

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