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    I say no. I thoroughly enjoy watching the Pokemon series, even if Ash is childish/immature/whatever. I still love him and even as I watch him now during the Black/White Victini movies, I wanted to cry cause of all of this nostalgia I was feeling during the movie. No, I'd be very upset if Ash was taken away from the series. Should there be another seperate series, perhaps more serious such as some of the manga? Sure. I wouldn't watch it, but it would definitely make certain people happy.

    Edit: My only request is that they get better side characters. I seriously just want to die from all of Cylan's food puns. Ugh. I know Brock was no better sometimes, but still. I guess for some reason I just find him more tolerable. Regarding aging, I don't mind as long as no romance relationships come into play. The ship wars are bad enough as it is already, and it's a kid's show; no dating. Flirting and signs of affection is one thing, but no actual dating and sjd;lfjak;sdjf. Just no. It's not necessarily. I wouldn't mind it in a more serious spin off, but not in the main series.