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    Originally Posted by Water Master Roxy View Post

    I got a question.

    If you were in charge of the anime and you were going to have Misty rejoin Ash how would you make her comeback?

    I would have Misty's sisters return and be gym leaders again, then Misty tells Ash that she is not gym leader anymore, then Ash decides if she isn't doing anything join him again. Then when Ash is done Unova have him continue on his journey and have Misty as the main character of the show and write off Ash.

    Also when she joins Ash she will be wearing a new outfit that would look stunning
    I would have Misty come back wearing something totally cool and totally 'Misty'.
    Then, while Ash is traveling in Unova, he would find Misty in a terrible situation(not sure what kind though, hehe). Ash would save Misty and have a pokeshipping scene, just for the heck of it. Then Misty would say she came here to tell Ash that her sisters came back to the gym and she could travel again! Ash would then ask her if she would like to travel with them, and she would say yes! Then the whole gang go to the Village of Dragons, where Drayden sees how much Iris has grown since their last battle. Drayden invites Iris to stay there and train with him, to which Iris replies yes. Then Ash, Cilan, and Misty would get on their way to continue Ash's quest to be a Pokemon Master!

    Yayz. But I think it would be a terrible idea to bring back Misty then kick Ash off. If Misty comes back I want Ash to stay.