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Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post
Alright, so here I go...again with poetry.

Poem #1: Lost


Gone, lost forever
Missing, found never
Fear, Scared torment
Night, fatal demon sent
Wish, hope to see once more
Crushed, wasted, feelings tore

Wow, I very much like this poem. There's such a dark setting behind it which really complements the intricate title of the one word "Lost" standing alone, with nothing by its side. The mechanism you've used with the dramatic concept followed by a comma and story evolution was very well-received whilst reading the poem, it adds a huge sense of power behind the words, emphasizing just what they mean to you and this poem. I do wonder if full stops would be welcome in this poem just to add the the drama behind the statements in each line, but I suppose the recurring pause is implied whilst reading the poem. Words such as "crushed", "fatal" and "fear" really help to show just what you mean by the term "Lost" and what the poem is trying to relay, good choice of words throughout. Great work on this poem, impressive!

As for the other poems: #2 I can't work out (but I think it could be Genosect?) and #3... wow... that's dark. xD
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