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A story about a Wynaut...
I was in my house walking down the stairs,when my parents were making soup. But that time,I found a portal,jumped in before my parents finished making the soup. And,I found some old ruins with strange languages in them.It started to get foggier,foggier,and foggier.I went deeper in the ruins,and boy it was a bit hot.I traveled,and so far I went deeper. But this time,I dropped down because of quicksand. And It got hotter.It was even hotter,so I started to panic.I went to the fiery chamber, was pretty hot. That time,I was spotted by four Unowns,followed by a Groudon.But then,a Flygon came to rescue me. But suddenly,Groudon used SolarBeam on him!After that,my favorite heroes,the Voltorb Squad,were there to save me.The battle was very explosive. I teleported back home just in time when my parents finished their soup for dinner.The end!
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