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Originally Posted by Charicific View Post
Oh Yeah.....yeah.... An Official Dawn Fanclub :D'
Alright Alright! Let's get to it!
1-Why you like Dawn so much?
2-Your favourite of Dawn's Pokémon:
3-Your favourite of Dawn's outfits:

A1) I really need to explain?! xD Simple, BEST Personality that Appeals to me. She is girly (That's an Advantage BTW), She was Literary the best companion when it comes to aid, care, friendliness, feelings and way more...
She is also BEAUTIFUL and Cheerful

A2) PIPLUP PEOPLE! PIPLUP! Its is Hilarious, it always get owned....especially with the Draco Meteor Moments lol which later developed my funniest and favorite episode ever "Piplup, Up and Away"
Looool don't remind me

A3) IDK why but I adored her SnowPoint City Outfit...makes her..umm...Cuddly? I think it could be because I adore this fluffy red color.

Please let me in! I am obsessed with her X_X
Welcome to the club Charific! Yeah, they are the reasons. Dawn is cute and very determined and she cares about her Pokémon. Snowpoint City outfit makes Dawn even cuter. <3 And it's hilarious to see that Piplup gets hit by Gible's Draco Meteor. :D