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    Chapter Ten: In Pursuit of Plasma

    Boreas awoke in the middle of the night by sounds of commotion outside. He had half a mind of just going back to sleep and ignoring it, but figured that if Team Plasma was stealing pokémon, they had to be stopped. He stretched and ran outside, where he was disappointed not to see Team Plasma, just a single human in dark clothes being taken to the main daycare house, struggling against his captors. The old daycare lady opened the door. “What did you have to wake me for?” she snarled.

    “We caught this guy sneaking around!”

    “Ah,” the old lady said, “come to steal our pokémon, haven't you?”

    “No, I haven't! Let me go!” Boreas thought he recognised the voice, and when he came closer he did indeed.

    “Oh yeah?” the old lady asked, “Then what were you doing sneaking around in the forest in the middle of the night?”

    “I was looking for nocturnal pokémon!” Cheren said in self-defence. Boreas realised he had better go get Black or Bianca, so he ran inside to their room, opening the door by jumping up to the handle and hanging on to it.

    “Wake up!” he barked, entering the room, “Cheren is here, and they think he's a pokémon thief!”

    “Zzzhuh?” Black mumbled, “I know, be quiet and let me sleep.”

    “No, you don't understand, Cheren is in trouble!”

    “Okay, okay. If you had a nightmare, just sleep under my bed if that makes you feel safer, but let me sleep.”

    “I think Boreas is trying to tell you something.” Bianca yawned.

    “Yes, that's right! You. Follow. Me.” He said, doing his best to portray each word.

    “Are you hungry?” Black asked.

    “Oh, in the name of Dialga's diapers! Follow. Me.”

    “I think he wants us to follow him.” Bianca said, prompting a sigh of relief from Boreas. As the two humans got up, Boreas led the way outside, where Cheren was still trying to prove his innocence. His face lit up when he saw Black and Bianca. “Bianca, Black! Good to see you, could you please tell these...” he swallowed the insult he was going to use after looking around, “...people, that I'm not a pokémon thief?”

    “Do you know this... person?” the old lady asked.

    “Him?” Black joked, “No, never saw him before.”

    “But it's- Oh, no, never seen him before either.” Bianca grinned, “He looks roguish though, you'd better be very careful around him.”

    “Ha ha ha.” Cheren gnarled, “Hilarious. Now stop it.”

    “Yeah, he's our friend.” Black reassured the daycare lady, “I'm sure he doesn't want to steal the pokémon here.”

    Cheren angrily pushed himself out of the circle of trainers. “Hmpf, what kind of thing to do to a traveller was that?”

    “I'm sorry.” The old lady apologised, “we've been having a lot of trouble lately. Y'see-”

    Suddenly noise and cries for help came from one of the stables. “Team Plasma!” someone gasped.

    All present rushed to the stable, where two Plasma grunts were throwing pokéballs at the pokémon inside. “Quiet, stupid pokémon, we're liberating you! If you make this much noise someone'll hear you!”

    The other grunt tapped his colleague on the shoulder. “Uh, Marilyn, I think they already have.”

    “Palkia's plectrum!”, Marylin cursed as she looked about and saw the large group of angry trainers, “don't try to stop us, it's for their own good!”

    “If it really was for their own good,” Black said, “to be separated from humans, why do they need you to forcibly “free” them? Why don't they run away by themselves? And now tell us where your hideout is.”

    “I don't think so. PLASMAAAAA!” Thick black smoke filled the air as they both threw a small smoke bomb, making it impossible to see anything. When the smoke cleared after a few minutes of stumbling around in complete darkness, the Plasma grunts were nowhere to be found, though Boreas could still hear them running through the forest.

    “Quick, let's go after them!”

    “Wait!” Bianca said, “Black and I are still wearing pyjamas, we can't run through the forest like this!”

    “Go back quickly to change then,” Cheren offered, “I'll wait for you and my Pidove can keep an eye on the others so we can follow them. As long as you tell me what the hell is going on while we're doing so.”

    For several hours they followed Cheren's Pidove as she followed the other trainers through the hills. The sky was already lighting up, though it was still as dark as night between the hills, when they saw flashes of light ahead and heard the sounds of combat. When they caught up they saw the other trainers were fighting a gigantic battle against some twenty grunts. Flying pokémon dived into each other in the sky, electric and fire type's attacks lighted the battle up with flashes of light. Water and ice-type attacks refracted the glowing sky and the flashes of light in unusually pretty ways, and three dozen trainers shouted commands at the same time.

    “Let's join the battle, with our help Plasma will outnumber us only slightly!” Black said, but was stopped by Cheren.

    “Hang on one moment. Instead of just charging in, we should try to sneak past and attack them from the rear so we have a tactical advantage.”

    “Hey, that's a smart idea!” Bianca said, “We'll just, like, walk through the woods and they shan't know a thing and we'll completely surprise them!”

    “As long as you keep your mouth shut instead of making your usual noise, yes.” Cheren hushed.

    “Hey! I don't make noise! You make noise! You keep your mouth shut!”

    Will you be quiet?”

    Black stopped the beginning quarrel. “Ladies, why don't you both shut up and follow me?”

    They sneaked through the forest past the massive battle, around the daycare workers and around the grunts. When they were behind the grunts, Black said “Okay everyone, when I say yes, we all attack.”

    “Black, old chap,” Octa said, “take a look at that cavern over there, it is quite clearly illuminated from the inside. It would not astonish me at all if it were Plasma's hideout.”

    “Yeah Octa, you're right. You should focus on the Sandiles, as they are at a type disadvantage to you.”

    With a sigh, Octa extended his tentacles, grabbed Black's head by the temples, and forcibly turned him to look at the cave. “Ouch, cut that- hey, look! There's a light in that cave, we should investigate it.”

    As they neared the cave, four figures, three in grey and one in red, left it. The man in red was an old man with greying blond hair they recognised from the Dreamyard. “A few of those sukkels have managed to get through!” he said as he saw the trainers from Nuvema, “jij, jij, en jij, deal with them!”

    “Right away, Sage Rood! PLASMAAAA!” The three grunts threw their pokéballs and sent out a Patrat each.

    Black laughed. “Do you really think three Patrats will stop us, Rood?”

    But Rood laughed too. “Of course I don't. This is just to keep you busy while I finish some administrative things I have to do. I, Rood of the Seven Sages, was once a member of the Elite Four in my homeland. I don't need the protection of grunts.” His smile broadened when he saw the startled faces of his opponents. “What, you didn't think this would be easy, did you? I'm going back into the cave now, I have some administrative things to take care of. When you're done with these guys feel free to come after me if you like. But be warned: I rarely lost as an Elite Four, when I battled trainers who had defeated every Gym Leader in the land. A couple of startups like you don't stand a chance. If you're wise, you'll retreat calmly, before my fire-type pokémon burn you to death.” He calmly walked back into the cave.

    “Fire.” Octa mumbled, “Why does it have to be fire?”

    Boreas was afraid of what would be waiting for them in the cave. They were nowhere near ready to battle an Elite Four, even if it was a three on one battle. He threw some sand into a Patrat's eyes when he had an idea.

    “Oshy!” he said, “What happens when a pokéball breaks while the pokémon is inside it?”

    Dodging a Tackle, Oshy replied: “The pokémon is automatically released by the pokéball in an instant... I think.”

    Disappointed, Boreas continued the battle by Tackling a Patrat. Suddenly another lightbulb started burning, “But what if the releasing mechanism breaks?”

    “Then the pokémon is stuck inside, unless the rest of the ball breaks too, in which case it is automatically sent to the PC.”

    “Thanks!” Boreas said, and he ran off, jumping over an attacking Patrat and running between one of the grunts' legs. Black called after him to come back, but he ignored him and entered the cave. It was surprisingly small considering it was Team Plasma's hideout. In fact, it was only about ten metres before an underground river filled the rest of the cave. The only thing inside the cave was a big wooden table with a lamp on it. Rood was writing something on it. When he heard Boreas enter, he looked up.

    “Oh, hallo daar, Eevee. Wat kom je hier zonder je trainer doen? Wil je door Team Plasma bevrijd worden?”

    Boreas ignored the old man's unintelligible babbling, picked up the biggest stone he could hold in his front right paw, and ran at Rood.

    “Wat doe je nou?”

    Boreas climbed into Rood's leg, finding the six pokéballs on his belt, and before he could react, he smashed the stone sideways into the release button of one of them. A big crack appeared in the release button, sparks flew, and the tiny Camerupt inside erupted in anger, but could do nothing about it as it was now stuck inside.

    “Verdomme!” Rood yelled as he jumped to his feet, Boreas hanging on to his belt, “Smerige kleine rat, dat zal je bezuren!”

    Boreas smashed the release mechanism of a Charizard's pokéball, and was moving on to the Heatmor next to it when a large hand caught his ruff and forcibly lifted him. He tried to struggle away, but he was held too tightly, so instead he threw the stone he was still holding at Rood's face, giving the man a black eye.

    “Au! Daar krijg je spijt van, mormel!” Rood said, with a face as red as his clothes as he made a fist and got ready to punch Boreas. Boreas had gotten very used to humans, so he had forgotten how massively big and strong they were. He struggled panicky against Rood's grasp, trying to escape from the punch that would surely shatter every bone in his body. Suddenly two vines slashed through the air, one of them whipped Rood in the face and made him drop Boreas in pain and shock, while the other grabbed a pokéball from his belt and smashed the release mechanism against the cave wall. Immediately, Rood grabbed his last three pokéballs and threw them. A fiery heat washed over Boreas, as he turned away to run for the exit, where Octa stood. Boreas didn't care about his stupid argument with Octa any more, he at him and pounced him with gratitude. “Thanks. I thought I was going to die!”

    Escaping from Boreas' hug, Octa actually gave him a tiny smile. “Don't thank me yet, we shall likely die regardless. Look!”

    A massive beam of fire came at them, and both pokémon jumped to the left to dodge it, barely managing to avoid being incinerated, but now they were no longer at the exit and were trapped against the cave wall. Now that the bright ray of flames didn't block his sight any more, Boreas saw the three pokémon that had been released from their pokéballs. The first was a ghostly, floating black chandelier with blazing blue flames that hurt Boreas' eyes to look at, though they weren't bright at all. The second was an oddly-shaped shoulderless red and grey creature with flames shooting out of its massive nose with every breath it took. The third was a gorgeous white fox with gleaming fur and nine elegant tails. Boreas found himself admiring her beauty for a few moments instead of trying to think of a way to avoid dying. What's wrong with me? He angrily thought, finding it hard to look away from her flowing tails.

    “Hel, Vuur, Vlam!” Rood commanded his pokémon, “Fire Blast!”
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