Thread: Research: Pre-Battle Mugshots in FireRed
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well what should I say....
In the firered english rom it works without any problems. In the german rom it doesn´t work. Of course I have researched and changed (in the scripts) the offsets in/for the german rom. I am really sure that this are the right offsets. But it doesn´t work. I think there is a small different between the german and the english rom. Can you please try it on a german rom and say what should I change? I can give you the researched offsets. I am sure that they are right. But it doesn´t work. Maybe the could be wrong....

Well I currently don´t know where I have my document. If you want the offsets and test (maybe make it work) for the german rom please PM me (or send me a PM, I don´t know how I have to write it in english).
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