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Adriane just stared with wide eyes at the new-comers.

" he passed out..."Adriane said, pointing at the kid.

She looked at the girl who seemed calm.

"Congrats, your the calmest newcomer."Adriane said.

Adriane nodded at Spike's explination.

"Pretty much."

"Hi Latios, hi Azelf, Uxie."Mew said."Oh!

Mew flew out of the room, and a second later came back with three devices. The same type of devices that Adriane, Spike, and Valorie had that allowed them to talk to their non-legendary pokemon. She handed one to the girl, then the un-passed out boy, then one to Latios to give to the boy when he came around. Glaceon's pokeball wiggled, so she let her out. Glaceon seemed to smile at Spike.

"Hello!"She said.

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