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    @Wymsical: So is it a war RP, or not? I really feel that if anything that should be clear…

    Like RHCP I'm a big fan of PokéSpe, and the RP I mentioned having made earlier was based off of those, so I'm sorry if it doesn't fit with your idea of what the RPs should look like, but you shouldn't be so quick to shoot down other people's ideas… especially if you didn't understand the main point… :\

    Anyways, I don't think it would make sense for the RPers to save the world and go back to the tournament like nothing happened (like you said), that's why I tried to make it clear that Arceus' plates would all come together during the tournament, which means that:
    1. the best trainers in the world will be there,
    2. the bad people will go there,
    3. the good people will be there,
    4. Arceus (if he is chosen as a main plot device) will appear there, and
    5. it will still make sense considering the canon story.
    But these things will occur simultaneously with said tournament, not after or before.

    Anyways, regardless of what the plot ends up looking like, my main point really is that only three people should be allowed per region, like someone else pointed out, bringing thirty people into the same thread would be a bit… cluttered.