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    Some news!
    A month ago, I decided to inglobate my tool on PG4Map source code, so during this period I was rewriting my tool in C#(Very long work, but necessary)
    I wanna give you news about status of new tool.
    -Showing NSBMD(100%) (thanks to Sentry)
    -Showing only certain polygon(70%).
    -Swapping from texture mode to wireframe(70%)
    -Loading Verticles and info(100%)
    -Loading Movements(100%)
    -Loading Object(100%)

    Here'ìs an image of the actual new interface.

    The conversion is still at early stage(I don't know if i convert narc part, is very long...) but i hope to reach beta 003 before 1st january 2012.
    Stay tuned!