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    Legendary Rebel Meetings Are Such A Hassle

    It's true. This was only the first of many, but it was the weirdest one by far. The Legendary Rebels all may look nice, but being their ally really isn't that easy. They make you prevent wars and such, without you really wanting to. At least, that's the impression I got from the first crisis. I'm not too fond of legendaries, even now. Funny to find out my uncle was one. Anyway, on with the story.


    I sighed and got back up, forcing myself to calm down a little. I looked at the other people there with me. like I said before, a boy had passed out with Latios, and the girl with the Mew and the boy with the Latias were referring to me and the passed-out boy as 'newcomers'. Then there was also another girl with an Azelf, I believe. She was the calmest of us all, at least at the time. I would've been calmer myself had my instincts not kicked in. Agh, I hate it when that happens. Anyway, when I got up, the boy with his Latias said "You must be one of the newcomers. This is the legendary rebel hideout." in a rather gruff voice. Frankly, I took an instant dislike to this guy, he seemed to have no compassion for the state I was in, even though he should have since he'd probably been in the same situation himself. "Legendary Rebels..." I mulled. I was in such a state of shock and confusion that I blocked out everything else that was being said. Then when I had finished thinking and figured it out, or at least thought I had, I said "Legendary Rebels. Oh, god, not you guys." I rolled my eyes. My state of calm had been restored, but I was slightly more angry than usual. The girl's Mew flew away for a moment, then came back with three electronic devices I did not recognize. It handed one to me, and I examined it, unsure what to do. "Here, let me." a voice came, it was Uncle Eixu, or rather, Uxie. Uxie floated up to me and took the device, she then attached it to me appropriately. "Good, now I don't have to use telepathy to talk to you." Uxie said, mouth moving this time. "Ack!" I backed away, I had never seen a Pokemon talk before, and you better hope you never do either. It looks weird. Like it's just not meant to be.

    I decided to ignore Uxie, and walked up to the boy I disliked, at least for now. "So forget where, why are we here?" I asked him, interrupting any conversation he might have been having. "I mean, I'm out training my Pokemon, and from nowhere, my friend and a buncha townspeople came and attacked me, then, that," I pointed to Uxie, "comes outta nowhere looking like my uncle and teleports me here, where I'm left in a dark room until you guys show up and the lights come on." I finished. Uxie crossed its-or her, considering it had a feminine voice-arms. "And I'm pretty sure all of us, especially that guy," I started, pointing to the guy with the Latios, "have our own stories." I said. Finally, I added, "Sounds a lot like kidnapping to me." I looked at the other legendaries in the room, still convinced that they were plotting something.
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