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    A story I came up with after a visit to MephilezShadow's Youtube channel and seeing his background. I promise it won't close because of inactivity like my Pokemon one did. This shall be completed!

    He had no choice but to run. They were after him. He ran a long way, and even when he was tired, he kept running. But they soon caught up and attacked. He was knocked to the ground, still alive and awake, but severly injured. The things had sphere bodies with ten bat wings, five wings on each side Then, the ruler of them appeared in front of him, floating in mid-air. The being was Mephiles. He looked up at Mephiles, still very hurt."Why.....why are you after me....." the hedghog said as he fell to the ground once more.

    Mephiles landed in front of him and replied "Because, Shadow. You did seal me away before. But that was five hundred years ago, and you are still alive." Shadow was then pulled up by dark electricity to Mephiles, who rose into the air once more. "Now, tell me where the girl is," the dark being commanded. "N-no....I promised her I wouldn't......" Shadow replied before being slammed back into the ground. He was even more hurt then before, his body stinging from the dark electricity. "Well then, I shall make you." Mephiles then threw a ball of darkness towards Shadow, knocking the black and red hedgehog into a large tree.

    Shadow slid down onto the ground, severely hurt. "I.........still...........won't tell........." he stuttered. The hedgehog was almost dead. He was then surrounded by more black electricity, which formed into a ball, trapping him. Mephiles laughed. "Ah Shadow, you are so easily defeated. Now......." He knew that since Shadow was weak, this would be easy. Mephiles floated behind Shadow, removed the black electricity, kept him floating in the air, and clawed his head slowly but painfully. Shadow screamed. If Mephiles kept it up, the black and red hedgehog would soon die. "Stop it....please.....stop..." Shadow grunted as the sharp claws dug into his head, slowly killing him more every second.

    Mephiles snickered, then said "Why should I? This is the perfect form of revenge after all. But if you want to die from something else, then so be it. I'm sure a wild animal will come along and devour you." Mephiles then punched Shadow in the head, knocked him unconscious, then lifted him to the ground and disappeared. The whole time, a light blue hedgehog with white stripes on her spines was watching. She wore an icy blue kimono with dark blue ankle shoes. She ran out from her hiding spot when Mephiles was gone, and picked up the unconcious and severely injured Shadow. She then ran to her home to take care of the black and red hedgehog.
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