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    Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
    Ok I've decided to rewrite my SU (its almost done) to better fit into the RP. I planned to get it done and the IC thread posted by tonight, but sadly real life got in the way (I spent all weekend studying... so much fun!). This means those of you not accepted still have a little more time to finish your SUs before people start making second characters.

    Sorry all I really wanted the IC up, but I ended up studying a whole lot more than originally planned (its taking me longer than I would like to memorize all these numbers.... not fun). Sorry about the delays... I really wanted this RP started last week, but life has a way of ruining our plans.
    Nah, don't worry. I'll rewrite my SU, can I? I think being a Spy may not be what I wanted, and instead wanted to be a mail carrier Zorua [I'll think about my second pokemon soon...I just wasn't up for it really.] I can do this....right? Change of plans....maybe my second character, if I can even make one, is best fit for that mail carrier job.
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