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Originally Posted by EdensElite View Post
I particularly like the battle backgrounds, The story sorta seems like you just wanted to make a hack and just came up with something in 2 minutes, I might be wrong, it's just the way it sounds. Notices some tree tile errors in the screen shots but there easy to sort, thanks to the magic of advance map and two-layered tiling. In my opinion, I don't really like the pallettes but some people do, so it looks good from a non-objective point of view. Overall though looks pretty good though, just need to polish somed of the edges (Like most hacks tbf.)
That's because I don't want to give anything away. What fun is it if I post absolutely everything that happens? All that really needs to be said atm is that the player has amnesia, Champion finds him in a cave, player gets through the cave, is given a Pokémon, becomes the Professor's assistant and there are bad guys.
I've said about the errors. They've already been fixed and the screens will be updated eventually.

Originally Posted by WillPowerPedro View Post
This is awesome! I love the tiles and despite the clones, the maps are beautiful!
Thank you.

Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
Wow Fireworks. What a knack for graphics! The tiles are very good. The storyline sounds interesting. I love that you were able to change the battle backgrounds. The sinnoh sprites look really good. my favorite thing is the random Wooper lurking around the PokeMart. :P
Thank you. The sprites are mostly custom though xD


I've been thinking, and...I'm probably going to change the starters. Why? Well here are the pros and cons of having Rhyhorn, Magnemite and Spheal as starters:

  • They fit in with the Regi typings (Rock, Steel and Ice).
  • Original I guess.

  • I have to edit their stats, and I feel that stats should not be tampered with.
  • Even with the stat changes they seem way too overpowered because of their typing and movesets, which I also don't want to make to many changes to.

So the starters are now...