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    (OOC: Guys, Gad never fainted. Never posted him doing so, he just fell.)

    Gad Sylvanhart
    I Play Catch With Uxie

    Well, metaphorically speaking. It was playing catch with a translation device, but meh. Same thing.


    "First of all it has a name, Uxie. Second of all this isnt kidnapping, it's needing your help which you obviously are unwilling to provide." the girl next to the boy came and shouted in my face. Despite her terrible tone, I could not help but agree with one thing. "You're right, I'm NOT willing to help. Especially not the Pokemon who captured hundreds of people, just because you saw one guy be mean to a Pokemon." I retorted in my defense. I calmed down slightly before continuing. "Look, I have no problem with any of you guys, but I won't help legendaries after what they did. You know, instead of randomly teleporting me away, 'Uxie' could've just introduced herself and explained everything calmly." I explained. "Ah, but you forgot the part where you were being chased by angry townspeople, and I saved you." Uxie said in her defense, in that sophisticated feminine voice with an English accent. For a moment I was speechless, but then I said "Still. As much as I appreciate being saved, I equally do not appreciate being brought here randomly. What do you want from me anyway?" I turned to face Uxie, and handed my device to her. "Here, I don't need it, I'm outta here." I said, walking towards the door. Before I knew it, Uxie threw the device back at me. I caught it. "Yes, but WE need YOU!" Uxie said telepathically, she was starting to get agitated as well.

    And so, Uxie and I threw the device to one another continually as if we were playing catch-the-ball, hence the name for this chapter, while we argued. Finally, when I threw it back to Uxie, we decided to both calm down.

    "What IS going on? Just tell me already." I said, still slightly agitated.

    "I do not believe I am the right person-or Pokemon-to tell you that, Gad Sylvanhart. Adriane, do you mind explaining what is going on? I do apologize for the child's behavior, he was never really a supporter of the Legendary Rebels, but I brought him for his intellectual skill." Uxie said, turning to the girl who had shouted in my face, Adriane, apparently. She then turned to me, and handed me the device once more. I attached it the way I remember Uxie doing so. "C--h--m-e---now? Can you hear me now?" Uxie said a few times. "Yeah. I can hear you." I said, not very enthusiastically. "Good. Listen, I apologize for everything. But this is much bigger than you or I. You must simply listen." Uxie explained. So, I turned to Adriane, calmer. "Alright. What's going on?"
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