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And as if on cue Mesprit casually floated into the room, Valorie not far behind, looking as if she had been in a snow storm not long ago, mainly due to the dusting of snow that still clung to her hair. Valorie slowed to a stop as she entered the room, taking in the sight of there being more people than just Adriane or even Adriane and Spike. Huh. One of them appeared to be having a heated conversation. Mesprit floated forward in the general direction of Azelf and Uxie, coming to a rest nearby silently. A few moments later Valorie caught up with her, looking around as she moved before turning her attention to Adriane, whom she suspected might have the answers to the questions she was asking herself.


Valorie had finally spoken up, smiling very lightly. Her tone was gentle a bit quiet. She normally forced herself to be more bold, but for whatever reason she didn't seem all that bold right then. Perhaps it had something to do with the conflict nearby. It would explain Valorie's brief greeting anyway.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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