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    Originally Posted by Wymsical View Post
    Edit: OMG! Forget eerything I just said! I had an epiphany again! (Sudden realization of awesome RPing truth)

    Alright, I'm prepared to flush everything I have down the toilet and come up with this simple new awesome plan: Foreigners. I've been thinking, and I found a way to fit RHCP's Foreigners RP into our plan. It's simple: The Foreigners tournament is going on in all five regions, one in Kanto (Already started) one in Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Voila. Once they're all done, a mass tournament takes place featuring most of the contestants and even winners from the Master Quests. What do you guys say?
    Considering te fact that RHCP's RP is taking place in one region at a time, and probably recycling characters over to the other regions (okay, I don't actually know this, but it's sort of how slls81's A New Professor in Town went, and it's sort of awesome if it keeps going)…

    Well, like Yellow said people will age out of it.

    I believe that the RPs should definitely be short and happen simultaneously, because otherwise people, we'll just not get there.

    I do disagree with RHCP's solution though… I wouldn't want to start three RPs with the same gimmick (that they all happen in different places at the same time) at the same time. We would take over the RP Corner/Lounge, and at least one of them will be forgotten… with my GMing record, I don't need the competition. x(

    Anyways, you should keep us informed on how the RP's going Naku, and I'm still willing to help out with anything.