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    AN - Finals have officially started today so I just wanted to get one last chapter out before I disappear for the week for tests or under a rock to hide before I die from the stress.


    Manipulation is a malevolent thing. It is cruel and ruthless to those that are affected, yet ironically, it is a much needed thing. When kingdoms have fallen and the people have fallen even more, it takes a cruel man to say the right words, yet those words can lift a dying mans up with the strength of a champion.

    Words slither into your mind like infestations and soon you yourself are talking with a forked tongue. What was once a horrible thing has become good and accepted idea. Right and wrong have intertwined, and soon people don't know what's right anymore, only what's accepted by society.

    A society can fall so easily and when that happens, the people need to be lifted up once more. History has proven that there is a war every so often with just the smallest of times for peace. There will always be a problem, always be an issue, and whether or not you are pokemon or human, it affects you.

    Human beings, unfortunately, are the first to push and the first to fall. Responsibility lies with them, even if the consequences aren't what people may have expected or wanted, but people never get what they want, no matter how hard they believe otherwise. With push comes to shove, and you are in the middle of a revolution, free will and manipulation become blurred, yet it is up to you to make a choice when the time comes.

    Regrettably, not everyone can do this.


    The cave had become alive with growls, grunts, roars, footsteps, panting and all other forms of bodily actions. It was enough to make Shaun walk with a step that would make people think death were hanging over him.

    His eyes would dart from left to right and to from floor to roof at nearly any sound. He would bare his teeth and form a fist at the sight of any pokemon that made itself visible as if he were the one to make battle. It amused Riolu and Sableye to no end, even if they were just as exhausted as he.

    Shaun kept both pokemon out and by his side at all times, even if Sableye walked with a chagrined air. It was aggravated that it had to leave its treasure behind and even somewhat livid that Shaun had captured it so suddenly. Honestly, what did it expect? It had battled so heartily before the whole Rhyhorn thing.

    Speaking of that damn beast, another guttural moan could be heard, this one much closer than before. It scattered the three Sandshrew that stood before Shaun, claws stretching and snouts open in twitchy smiles. They had been preparing for battle, thinking that one extra would be enough, but if all it took was the moan from a who-knows how-far-pokemon then they weren't even worth it.

    "Rii," Riolu growled, tail swishing back and forth from agitation. It barked once more for good measure as the three ground types disappeared, only to snarl and leap to battle position as something even bigger appeared in their retreat.

    "What now," Shaun moaned, rubbing at one of the Zubat bites. He turned to assess the pokemon, eyes immediately hardening. "Aura Sphere and Night Shade!" His voice a ruthless snarl. "No mercy," he added with a vindictive whisper as the two attacks were aimed at the pokemon.

    A small, gray pokemon howled in agony, heavy blue head dipping as its health wore away. The Aura Sphere flew like a comet and slammed into its gut and the Night Shade was absolutely brutal on its mind. The Cranidos fell to the ground in a lifeless slump, eyes closed.

    "Riolu," Riolu muttered, sniffing at the pokemon suspiciously.

    It held as much dislike for the pokemon as Shaun did for it. The two had been struck with immediate prejudice when the Cranidos toppled all those rocks onto them. They knew, deep in their subconscious, that it was those bastards that had caused their anger, but they couldn't help it. They were stuck in this position now because of all of them.

    "Let's keep moving," Shaun growled, eyeing the emptying cave warily as another deep moan was heard, even closer than before. He turned his neck, getting a loud crack out of it, and blew out with annoyance. His anger was rising once more, and if he and his pokemon weren't so battle worn he would have had them blast everything that came within their line of vision.

    "Lyyy," Sableye hissed suddenly, arms going up suddenly and body hunching, a position Shaun was beginning to recognize as its regular battle pose. Its eyes shone oddly, seemingly reddish. It flicked its tongue out like an Ekans and tilted its head.

    Riolu looked about, blinking drowsily. Its body remained tense, senses not quite as strong as Sableye's at the moment. "Lu." Riolu sniffed at the air, trying to figure out what had set his partner on edge, and not even a second after its first sniff Riolu's fur stood on end. "Luu!" Riolu howled at Shaun, snapping the dark clothed boy at attention.

    Shaun jumped at his pokemon, skin twitching with adrenaline and exhaustion. Hazel eyes darted to and fro before Shaun grimaced at the sound of stampeding. "Sh*t," Shaun breathed, head snapping at the wall directly to their left. Boulders leveled up toward the wall, and the few pokemon that had been skittering about in the cracks and holes scattered at the sound. Just as the last pokemon disappeared with a flick of its tail, a loud explosion filled the entire area, and not for the first time Shaun was in a dust filled room and a skulking beast.

    "Ssssa," Sableye hissed, mouth wide open with drool running down its mouth. Its pink tongue hung limply and created a trail of saliva on the ground.

    For the moment, Shaun allowed a disgusted shiver before turning to the stone beast that seemed to be stalking him. "After us again, huh?" Shaun said loudly, eyes glaring hard into the beady eyes of the Rhyhorn.

    The Rhyhorn shook its body, unlatching the pebbles that had clung to its body as it tore through yet another wall. It licked its long white fangs and regarded Shaun with a loud snort. Its long horn jutted out offensively, a sign of dominance, but Shaun was not backing down. With an irritated grunt at Shaun's unrelenting figure, it let loose a thunderous roar.

    "Not impressed," Shaun sneered, wiping at his nose. Another roar followed this response, as well as loud bang as Rhyhorn's foot stamped down on the ground. "Riolu, finish this," Shaun ordered, pointing at the stone beast.

    "Rio!" Riolu howled, body nearly black and gray from all the mud and dust. It analyzed its foe with sharp, red eyes. With a loud howl that would put any Mightyena to shame, Riolu charged, paws digging up even more dust. Arms coming forward, Riolu jumped high in the air, body twisting into a tiny ball and spinning.

    "Ryy," Rhyhorn grunted, stamping the ground irritably, gaze following Riolu's decent. It grinned monstrously and jutted its horn upward. A deep sound reverberated from the beast, and if Shaun had to guess he thought it was laughing.

    Riolu came down fast, spinning body giving it speed, and at the last moment it unballed itself and, to Shaun's amazement, spun its body horizontally. Completely missing the sharp horn, Riolu's foot swung out, hitting the beast on the side with its own monstrous force. "Riiiol!" Riolu howled eagerly, snapping happily as its move sent the stone pokemon back in a few staggering steps.

    Rhyhorn roared in obvious pain, feet stamping the ground furiously, body jerking back and forth like something possessed. With another loud roar, it leapt forward, heavy feet causing loud stomps to echo around them. "Ry!" Horn aimed forward, Rhyhorn charged with deadly accuracy.

    "Move!" Shaun shouted, incredulous and angry. Why was his pokemon standing still?

    Riolu huffed angrily, legs shifting gingerly. With a wince, just as the horn was but a foot away, Riolu reached out and wrapped a single paw around it. With a smirk now replacing the grimace, Riolu used the momentum to use Rhyhorn's own force and swung his body over the charging beast. For a moment, overconfident red eyes met furious brown eyes, and in that moment, Riolu smirked in arrogance.

    "Hoorr!" Rhyhorn roared, head raised and following Riolu. It tried to butt its head upward, strict body making its move somewhat uncomfortable and stiff, but its long, curved horn managed to graze Riolu's hind leg just before it was safely out of the way. "Nyy!" Rhyhorn bellowed, panting mockingly as Riolu skidded away, tumbling a bit and holding its left side.

    "Lur," Riolu moaned, tail curling around his body in anguish.

    "Horn!" Rhyhorn snarled, twisting its large body around with much difficulty. Its bulky body certainly made its turns and quick movements slow.

    "I don't think so," Shaun hissed at the large pokemon. "Sableye!" he barked, snapping the pokemon at attention. "Night Shade, and I want you to rip its mind apart," he hissed, livid.

    "Sa sa sa," Sableye cackled. It rushed forward, the gems on its back glinting unnaturally, and jumped high into the air. "Lyy!" Sableye screeched, purple body landing on Rhyhorn's back, much to its displeasure. It roared in anger and began to buck and jerk, but Sableye's small claws were quick to wrap around one of its mighty spikes.

    "Lyy!" Rhyhorn roared, completely enraged as it began to buck and jerk with much more vigor. Its blunt nails dug furiously at the ground and its head jerked everywhere. With a large grunt, it broke a large stone in two with its horn out of frustration and an attempt to rid itself if the little ghost clinging to its back.

    "Sa sa sa!" Sableye continued to laugh, tongue lagging out like a spoiled Growlithe and looking as happy as a well fed Eevee. "Lyy!" Sableye cackled in glee, nails digging into the spikes to keep its grip steady.

    "Sableye!" Shaun roared, shaking his head in rage. Black hair whipped about his face wildly. "Night Shade now!"

    Giving a low whine in disappointment, Sableye bent its head low and its body glowed darkly. Rhyhorn slowed considerably before giving a deep moan, body quivering. It whimpered; a foreign sound that Shaun hadn't heard from it before or even expected it capable of doing. It sounded so pathetic, so tortured.

    "Aura Sphere," Shaun said darkly, grinning bitterly.

    Riolu stood on two shaking feet, the left one lifting up every other moment. It was swollen and badly damaged. Rhyhorn's rough hide had hurt its kick and the attack with its horn hadn't helped. "Luu," Riolu hummed, palms out. A spark of light appeared between his paws. It faded quickly out of existence. "Ri!" Riolu howled in distress, looking at Shaun worriedly, red eyes wide. It was out of power.

    Shaun cursed before turning back Sableye. It was clinging onto Rhyhorn for dear life, clearly enjoying it. The rampaging stone pokemon was running around, the ghostly attack having finally faded. It roared and grunted, breaking rocks with its mighty force and even going so far as sliding around on its side.

    "Hor!" Rhyhorn bellowed, smacking its body against the wall in an effort to get the clingy pokemon off of its back. "Ry!" Beady eyes glaring, Rhyhorn turned its attention on Shaun as he gave a bark of vicious laughter, clearly pleased with its nuisance. Its eyes narrowed, and with yet another loud roar it charged.

    The dark laughter died, though it did leave an echo, and that only seemed to quicken the stone monsters pace. Shaun choked on his own spit, already scrambling out of the way. Rhyhorn snarled, shaking its head as Sableye hastily applied another Night Shade, but its rage blocked the pain, and using its blunt nails to dig into the ground, it slid forward and used the momentum to turn its body at Shaun's retreating form.

    Curse words flowed from Shaun's mouth like a drunken sailor, truly frightened. He ran away as fast as he could, but the large beast was gaining quickly, smashing any obstacle in its way. "Night Shade! Night Shade!" he cried, voice loud. "Stop this damn thing!"

    "Sa! Sa!" Sableye cried out hastily, powers increasing with the help of the Ghost Jewel, but it was no use. Rhyhorn ignored the pain, and each stumble wasn't enough to shake it from its purpose. It was coming closer to its trainer, that horn nearly there.

    "Riii!" Riolu yowled, lunging forward, body colliding with Shaun's middle and flinging them off to the side. "Ri!" the fighting type squeaked, body still clinging to Shaun's middle as they suddenly found themselves being dragged across the hard ground. Shawn howled in anger and pain. His backpack had been caught on the damn things horn, and now Rhyhorn ran unsurely but still forward.

    "Sab!" Sableye shrieked, jumping on Rhyhorn's head and covering its eyes in an effort to stop it in shock. The opposite happened.

    "Ryyy!" came the thunderous roar, and Rhyhorn's pace seemed to increase to an incredulous speed for its type. It didn't care that it was blind; it just ran forward with its hot breath in Shaun's face. His body was being dragged mercilessly, yet miraculously missing Rhyhorn's strong feet.

    "Io!" Riolu barked, holding on tight with one hand to Shaun's middle and weakly raising a palm. It grimaced, a small light forming in its paw. It was barely anything, smaller than a golf ball even, but it shot out before it could disappear, and that was all that was needed.

    With a roar that was more surprised than agonized, Rhyhorn stumbled. Its direction changed, and with the sound of an explosion they had burst through yet another wall, but this time it was different. Light stung their eyes and Shaun went rolling as his pack was finally released as Rhyhorn went sliding as well.

    Riolu clung weakly to Shaun's chest and seemed content to just lay there. Shaun, however, coughed furiously and sat up quickly. He hunched over, Riolu still in his lap, and by the time he had finished he realized he was drenched. Wearily, Shaun lifted a bloodied head up to the sky. A bitter grin escaped him.

    It was raining.

    "Ryy," the Rhyhorn moaned. Shaun glanced over to the stone pokemon. It was lying there, gazing at him furiously. Its body trembled from the rain, and in the brighter light Shaun could make out that its body was far more damaged than he had originally thought. Its blunt nails clawed at the mud for a moment before stilling. The rain pounding against its body must be like bullets.

    "Ly," Sableye murmured weakly, lying on its stomach and staring. Its tongue was flayed out on the mud and its white teeth and pink gums were turning brown.

    "Iou," Riolu mumbled, still in Shaun's lap.

    He spared the pokemon a tired glance before looking back up at the sky, seemingly unconcerned now that the Rhyhorn was down. It was horribly gray. The sky that is, and water fell by the bucket full with fat raindrops. Again he was soaked, but now it seemed like a gift. The mud and dust was washing off, peeling off the remnants of the cave.

    His headband was slipping, revealing the gash on his head. Rain pounded on the scab. It stung and felt good at the same time. His whole body felt the same thing, and looking at Riolu, Shaun believed the small pokemon felt the same. Riolu was tiredly licking at the falling raindrops with a greedy expression.

    Shaun once again turned his attention back on the Rhyhorn. It was glaring daggers at him and Shaun returned the gesture with cruel glare. Taking a deep breath, Shaun moved Riolu out of his lap and slowly stood. His body was shaking, his clothes were ripped and blood was running freely with the raindrops.

    Slowly, Riolu and Sableye stood, though Riolu leaned heavily against Shaun. Rhyhorn watched them resentfully before it too stood, though its bulky body wavered. It seemed to take a great deal of effort just for it to raise its heavy body, especially in its condition and with the rain, but its face betrayed no pain, only pure determination.

    They stood in silence, yet only for a moment. As one, laughter, cackles and grunts filled the air, each one filled with rebellion. They had just had a fight to the death, and yet they all survived. In your face, they each seemingly thought. You didn't win because I'm still up.

    When their deranged sounds had finally stopped, Shaun felt his body sway dangerously, wanting nothing more than to collapse. Screw that, he thought savagely. Those bastards called the law had thrown him into this world of death and survival and he had f*cking survived. He had done it, so screw them.

    "Hor," Rhyhorn grunted as Shaun fumbled at one of the pokeballs that had somehow survived the ordeal. It glared, body stiff. It wouldn't run. It couldn't. It would fall, and neither of them would fall. When push comes to shove, you pushed back, and when you did fall, you stand on your own.

    Shaun gave a grim chuckle, finger tapping on the pokeball to enlarge it. "Hey, Rhyhorn," he called tauntingly. It blinked up at him, large feet clenched in the mud with distaste as it stared at him. "Thank for getting me out of there," he finished, tone filled with mockery.

    An incensed moan began to fill the air and Rhyhorn managed an infuriated glower before the pokeball Shaun threw bounced off its side. Body turning into red energy, Rhyhorn was sucked into the pokeball. The monster ball fell to the ground, already shaking furiously.

    Shaun marched forward and grabbed the shaking device in his hand and held on tight. His face turned red with exertion and ball was ready to slip out of his hand thanks to the heavy rain and from the forceful shaking.

    He didn't know how long he stood there, fighting with the shaking pokeball, and truthfully his mind went completely out of it, and by the time it had stopped he wanted nothing more than to curl up right there in the puddle of mud that he was standing in. He stared at the unmoving pokeball in his hand, expression deep. He looked up to the sky, arms falling to his side and wet hair clinging to his face. His body shook and he glared rebelliously. Nothing, nothing, would ever push him down.

    And then he howled like the broken rebel that he was.
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