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"Come on. Don't be that way." Latios said as he flew over to the kid. He knew something was going on back where Mew and the others were, but he was sure they'd tell everything to him later. He had to get Alan back to them, but first he had to know why he ran away from them like that.

"G-g-go get another k-kid..." Alan said, tears still falling, "Somebody sane, like they want."

"Calm down, Alan." Latios said calmly, "If there's something wrong, you should tell me about it. Then maybe we can cut a deal with the others."

"F-forget it, I-I'm not h-helping them." the boy replied, a hint of anger in his voice, "Th-they don't need me, I don't need them. E-everybody wins..."

"You are wrong. They need you." Latios said, "Now let me tell you something. I picked you because you're strong. Very strong. And also very kind to Pokémon. That's why I picked you..."

Alan looked at the Pokéballs on his belt and then up at Latios. "Listen, Alan. Feel free to talk to me about whatever troubles you anytime." the blue Pokémon said "But we must go back if we want to save the world." The boy then got up and wiped the tears off his face. "F-fine..." Alan whispered, "B-but n-next time I'm outta here." Then he sent out his four Pokémon: Grovyle, Dusclops, Omastar and Shelgon. Latios smiled and led Alan back to where the other were. And this time, the boy looked very upset instead of scared as hell. He had this look in the eyes that said advised everyone not to bother him, and not in a polite way. His Pokémon marched behind him.
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