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    "Whats wrong? Did I say something?" Adriane asked Alan, and she sounded confused. Alan looked at her, still looking upset. He was offended by what she had said, about there being one sane newbie, so in a way she had told him he was crazy. He wanted to snap and let all that anger that was coming to his mind out, but decided against it. He remained silent as she spoke again.

    "We need everyone you know. Its up to us to keep everyone from getting killed in war. You don't want to let the world down do you? But remember, you don't have to worry, Latios, he's your partner. Latias, Mew, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Spike, the other newbies, we're all a team. And our pokemon, they're our friends, and our team mates. Together, we should be able to save everyone." Adriane said, and Alan finally opened his mouth.

    "L-listen, L-Latios already convinced me of helping you..." he said, "B-but be nice to me o-or I'm out. And th-that goes for the r-rest." Then the boy felt like about to tell everything about his past and why he was that way, but, again, decided to keep it to himself.

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