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Originally Posted by {Swan} View Post
I'd say a world after a Great War would be an awesome thing to play with, but not after things have subsided, that would completely defeat the purpose. I mean imagine a world just recovering from such a thing, with the craters from the bombs still in the ground, the trenches still dug, the people still in poverty and relying on a government to make it all better again. A government that might not have the well-being of the people in their interests. Now that is a setting you could really play with.

In fact if I hand't just started a new rp that would've been a setting I could dive nose-first into. Especially playing with the scars of the people and the distrust for foreigners that would be triggered, it would make for a pretty dark roleplay.

But maybe I've just been reading too many war books.
That is actually a pretty great idea. But like drunk said, it wouldn't make too much sense for a bunch of people (teenagers no less) to go out and travel the world, and I don't see why their parents would let them.
But if we kept the large sum of prize money thing, I can totally see why they would go out. And perhaps being a Pokemon Champion would give you some amount of say in the government? Either way, we would then need to come up with a reason for the governments to be doing this. . .

@drunk ¬_¬ - I just see anything involving Arceus to be cliche for some reason, lol. But if you manage to make it original enough . . . then I could reconsider that, lol.

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