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Age of Power

The setting: The year is 3274 and planet Earth is filled with humans and anthros alike. The planet has gone through an electronical apocalypse. After a meteor the size of a foot ball field impacted in North Dakota and set off a powerful magnetic pulse, electronics went hay-wire. Even the simplest of electronics literally grew minds of their own. Watches launched their hands out and stuck into people, empty cars rammed into pedestrians and cars that had people in them. The already intelligent military super computers launched nukes on their own accord. The human race was forced to move under ground. After many years, the humans developed a steam punk way of life. Vehicles, both military and civilian ran on steam. Robotic suits capable of stopping a charging dump truck were developed, and after 36 years of exile, they went back to the surface, ready to take back what was theirs and to learn about the world that the machines have created. The machines have no defined leader, but do attack in groups on some occasions. If near a larger, seemingly more intelligent machine, they will star a process of "machine see, machine do." It is unclear as to how the electronics know where things are.

You will be playing as a soldier in the war, whether it is a sniper, steam suit (basically a giant robot suit powered by steam) wearer, steam tank driver or just a plain old soldier it doesn’t matter. I will be the acting as the leader of the Organic Locatio (Organic Entente in English), or the OL for short, as well as my own character. You will be starting at Fort Homeland, the first fort between the over and under worlds.
The story will be played out on a chapter/mission styled basis. If you miss 1-2 missions/chapters, you will be warned. If you miss a third, you will be booted (depending on how long the chapters/missions are.)

Soldier - Self explanatory (five spots)
sniper - self explanatory (2 spots)
Custos 3600 Artillery operator - You drive and fire the cannon on a modified steam tank that fires napalm rounds and regular shells up to 8 miles (2 spots)
Steam suit operator - You control a big, steam powered metal suit that has cuncussion rifles on the arms and is moved by a series of levers and switches in the cockpit. (2spots)
Steam tank driver/gun operator - you drive or fire the primary weapon of the steam tank, which does use tracks and can go as fast as 30 MPH and fires standard explosive shells. (2 spots)
General - You get to choose what type of units you control and what they do. You can have an all NPC squad, or a fellow RPer in their midst if they are of the correct position themselves. (1 spot)

Briefing (Rules)
1. Violence is to be kept to pg-13
2. Romance is accepted, but no more than kissing
3. Destroy your XBox (optional)
4. Follow all PC rules and regulations
5. Destroy all remaining electronics in your home (optional)
6. No bunnying unless told to do so explicitly
7. Remember, nothing in this RP uses electronics.
8. Don't try taming the electronics. You'll wound up getting stabbed or run over
9. Have fun in the over world

Race: Human or Anthro?
Position: One of the positions above
Weapons: Remember, nothing elctrical

My SU:
Name: Nomti Shystell
Age: 15
Gender: male
Position: Steam tank driver
Personality: Nomti is typically quiet around most people, but out going with his two best friend and Danniel, his girlfriend. He is can be very sneaky when he needs to be and a good strategist.
Appearance: Nomti has black fur and brown eyes. His ears, which aren’t the little ears that most anthro’s have, but full on Jackal ears. Every hoodie he owns, no matter the color, has a golden Sheppard’s cross on the front. He is always wearing a pair of blue jeans. He stands at around 6'4" including his ears and weighs about 130 lbs.
History: Nomti hadn't been alive when the meteor hit, but his parents had been. They had moved into the remains of a five star hotel with two other families and after a few weeks, heard about an underground city being built not to far away and that already had a complete housing district. When Nomti was 12 years, old his parents told him about the machines and when he was 15, Nomti gladly joined the Armor Division, which his dad had helped to create.
Weapons: Pressure modified M4 Carbine Sopmod assault rifle with a grenade launcher and two Egyptian styled, tempered steel cycles
Other: Due to his heritage, he is extremely heat resistant.

Important people:
William Davis (human) - Leader of the OL
Nina Stanton (tiger anthro) - Home front nurse
Tyler Stanton (Panther anthro) - Head field doctor
Micheal Shystell (Jackal anthro) - Armor division scientist
Landon Grove (human) - Squad captain
Jackson Ellis (human) - Steam suit squad captain

Over world - The surface of the Earth. Barely intact. Machines roam freely and mindlessly through out, attacking any thing that is living and moves on sight. Every once and a while, groups of vehicles can be seen traveling in packs or being destroyed by larger vehicles.
Hostile unit names:
car - collectively called "Fords," no matter what it actually is
Bus - London
Anything related to construction - Claw
Anything military related - Uncle Sams
Anything that can fly - MIG's, collectively
Anything that was previously a house hold device - Homers
If it is conjoined, like a fighter jet, it would be "Uncle Sam MIG's"

Under world - This refers to any under ground city were humans and anthros live. Factories, homes, office buildings, shops and everything from beaches to parks have been constructed. The cities are lit by massive towers lit with bonfires at regular intervals as well as torches. The way out is one long tunnel with one tunnel on either side leading to the forts that are hidden within the walls.
Forts (in order from closest to the over world):
Fort Homeland - The first fort to the under world, last fort out of it.
Fort Marquis - Where most of the armor is located
Fort Night Runner - The main armory
Fort Empire - Where soldiers typically stay and are trained


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