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Oh, hell yeah! He got out of that damn cave at last, and he caught the Rhyhorn to boot. Normally I'd be a bit leery of him obtaining two - sorry, three - relatively rare Pokemon so early on in the story, but I really feel the poor schmuck deserves it. He's got more guts than I originally gave him credit for, and it's really easy to see when his life is put in danger like that.

I liked this chapter. It was a good end to the story arc, as it gives some closure and promises a bit more light in the future. Apt timing too, I must say. Best of luck for your exams.

The little tidbit at the beginning of the chapter was interesting, too. I've been wondering what those segments have to do with the story for a little while now, but I'm content to just wait and see. I imagine you have good reasons.
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