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Originally Posted by Misheard Whisper View Post
Why the heck not? I'm keen. I posted first, why am I last on the list? oh wait it's alphabetical.

Name: Misheard Whisper
Best Way to Contact: VM
Review Style: Fairly comprehensive. I tend to focus on plot, characters and use of tone/mood/narrative. I tend to do stream-of-consciousness type reviews as I read.
1. New Bark and Beyond - Chapter 1: New Region, New Friends, New Rivals by Cardwell74
2. The Sisters' Paths by Kamiya-chan (The sum of my contributions to the thread probably constitutes a review, even if I don't get bonus points for the etiquette advice.)
3. A Stoner's Strength by Wolfwhispers
4. The Fall to Redemption [PG-13] by Cypher DS
5. Drowning [PG-13] by IanDonyer
6. The Orusa Adventures (R:Teen) by Oz37
7. Thoughts Upon Passing by SuperTrainStation
8. Scythe and Sickle (Rated PG-16) by SeekerOfDarkness (who I am really tempted to let autocorrect have its way with)
9. A Stoner's Strength, Chapter Whatever by Wolfwhispers
10. A Stoner's Strength, Chapter Whatever+1 by Wolfwhispers
Aaaaand done! I wanted to be the first to finish, but I guess I should just be glad I finished at all. I've not managed to do one of these before.

That said, I'm all up for a full one through January, although that'll be the last month I have free for a while. :3
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