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Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
Hey SK3. Don't give up on this. It looks good. I want to see those endings! There are errors but you'll make it through. I'm counting on you.
Thanks man.

Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
Some very fixable minor errors. This hack is VERY promising, so please don't stop. It seems like you know what you're doing, so as long as you progress and don't just end the hack this will end out well.
Thank you for your support, I'm making the promise now that this hack will
get finished. Too much time has been put into it for me to just quit.

Originally Posted by KingDoubt View Post
Looks awesome! It should be noted that Shinto is the name of a religion and may cause some confusion in that way.
Yeah I did some research and learned that Shinto was a religion, but I still think the name fits because of the religious aspect of the game, people worshiping the Unown.

Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
As always its good to see people with different ideas to creating a story. Would you know how to add music as well to a hack?
I've got the basics of music inserting down, but I haven't been able to successfully insert a full song yet (still learning how to loop).

Daydream White version

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