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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    Dia, you don't have to follow canon when making up a new RP. The plates could simply have spread over the whole world instead of just SIinnoh :3
    Walking plate, walking plate!!! AHHH!!!!!! XD

    Also I have a question regarding the megauberultratectonically ginormous RP idea, is it a must to make them all themed the same? That would be like 5 major boring RPs. Why not make each of them different from one another and then having a sequel which incorporates elements from those five? I mean I don't think we want 5 wars or 5 tournaments or 5 crazy calamities, do we? x3

    Oh and I have a crazy stupid idea. Some Team Yadahayadah is trying to create Pokextinction and the chosen Trainers have to fight them. Team Yadahayadah has overthrown the current league and they control the high influential Trainer positions ir gym leaders and E4. The chosen ones used to be grand trainers until Team Yadahayadah took away their Pokemon for slaughter or whatever and they're left with 2 of their weakest Lv 5 mons that Team Yadahayadah decided not to take. So its like they have to restart their journey from scratch but with a higher level of difficulty than before as Team Yadahayadah isn't gonna back down easily obv.

    CnC this stupid epiphany pwease~~