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    Originally Posted by drunk ¬_¬ View Post
    Well, people wouldn't participate in more than one of these RPs (seeing that the whole point is to incorporate the champions/runner ups/best trainers of ALL regions in a grand tournament that'll be the sequel).
    So I fail to see what your issue is.
    Considering that it has not been decided what kind of RP we're going to do and nobody informed me of anything, I don't know whether all the RPs are going to be based on wars or tournaments. These two are what I've picked up from the previous posts. So if people were ever so kind and polite to just fill me in, I wouldn't be asking so many questions, will I? Besides it's only once I've asked. So I fail to see what your issue is with me asking and I don't like that alcoholic tone of yours.

    What has been your favorite RP you have ever been apart of (or are currently in, if that happens to be your favorite)?
    Darkrai's Balloon. And perhaps, Eternal Nightmare. These were two RPs were the ones I enjoyed being in the most. Everyone in it were so friendly and nice to RP withunlike the people now. xD It's so sad they never actually finished. And Red, I never knew where the balloon went! :< xP