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Originally Posted by santi View Post
Read the restrictions please
Number of Pokemon:6
Restrictions:NO NORMAL TYPES AND POKEMON LIKE ( MAGIKARPS...) I accept NFE pokemon no monotype

Ah yeah you have PHANPHY,SCIZOR(SCHYTHER is you cant change pokemon),mantine,
Magby,Snubull,Koofing.Get fun

Ah, Im sorry about that lol... I had went to do it and completely forgot about the magikarp (and pokemon of that sort) on the rules... sowwy lol... anyways your new team is Magneton, Alakazam, Ponyta, Geodude, Seadra, and Fearow... once again I am so sorry about that little problem lol
It's been about two and a half years since I been on here soooooo... Heres to a fresh start lol.

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