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Originally Posted by Palladium View Post
Still got 5 days to roll,so

Name: Palladium (but answer by Pallie and DJBird too)
Best Way to Contact: VM/PM hit me with your best shot, I don't really mind
Review Style: I point what I like and what I don't like out, talk about description, character development and some screaming typing/grammar mistakes (but not much as I'm not very good at the latter)
1. Rayzaka's Book : Original One by an illegible mess
2. How? by frawst
3. Rhyming Stories: A Silly Snorlax by angelomanalo
4.A Wynaut's Novel by angelomanalo
5.No Whole Reflection by Daydream
6.Moth by Trance and Moss
7.Gardevoir: Always There: A Poem by Steller the Raichu
8.Wobbuffet (Pixels can write too) by Pixel
9.Rhyming Stories: The Barboach Who Can't Make Its Mind by angelomanalo
10.Dark Legends by The Author

And so I've finished!!
Thank God that's over, now I'm only 11 poems away of a happy December
Bob, Austin I'm done here
Surprisingly I wasn't the last one

"The past has gone, and the future's uncertain, but now is a gift, that's why it's called present"

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