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    Originally Posted by Wiznatts View Post
    I totally agree with you that Grotle looks too big, but out of curiosity how do you plan on resizing something like Giratina to anything smaller than 64*64. Thats why I listed the ones that were almost full size gen 4 sprites. Stuff like Rhyperior and Drapion would certainly fill the canvas. Maybe my phrasing was weird in conveying what I meant. When I said "these should all fit" I was referring to the ones listed in the spoiler, not every sprite in the sheet.
    Oh, for some reason I thought you meant every one on the sheet lol. Of course Giratina will be 64x64. Now that I understand what you meant, yeah, I may end up using some of the full size Pokemon you listed, but we'll see, since a while ago I picked out which exact sprite I want to be used for each Pokemon on this project, but thank you, and sorry for the misunderstanding. You didn't mention that the list you posted were "big" Pokemon, I thought it was just "sprites you're allowed to use", hence why I was confused.

    (I'm definitely using Gliscor )