Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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Originally Posted by ArmoredGuns View Post
I tested it and it doesn't work.

I changed Scratch to special, and Torchic does the same damage as if it were a physical move (after having edited torchic to have a 200 sp. attack base and a different ability).

I'm using emerald BTW.
That's because I'm assuming you haven't put in Darthatron's changes. Both the new code and the old code have the attacks read in the same format, hence why PGE works with both.

(ps I tested it on Ruby and it works, even with PGE. I figured out how to do it on Ruby by finding similar data to the offsets Darthatron posted, I made a thread in the Sideshowcase but it hasn't been approved yet, so PM me if you want my patch or think I'm lying or something)

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