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Originally Posted by icomeanon6 View Post
  1. White Heart Black Bones - OpenDoorLeia
  2. Drowning - IanDonyer
  3. The Nine Tales - TheBowsinator
  4. White Heart Black Bones, chapter 2 - OpenDoorLeia
  5. Parallel Process - The Silph Co. Heist - q11e
  6. razayka - an illegible mess. (That's not my comment, that's just the author's username.)
  7. White Heart Black Bones, chapter 3 - OpenDoorLeia
  8. Something's Got To Give - Misheard Whisper
  9. Scythe and Sickle - SeekerOfDarkness
  10. Something's Got To Give, chapter 3 - Misheard Whisper
Finished, and with two days to spare! Got to say I liked how this round was less back breakingly hard than the one-review-a-day dealies we had earlier.

And now I think I'll get back to work on a little something I want to get out there this month...
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