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Remiel and that rod wielder guy who lloyd and kratos kill together, do i need to say why, that guy kill lloyd mother and kratos wife. (if I remember right even kratos say he kill her and not desien or whatever they call, if you heard that you can not like this guy.) Remiel i just pain hate at the moment i first saw him. i thought he was cool till he said he was her father and I was like. "ok this guy is not telling the full story." but unlike kratos who I thought was just a random sell sword I knew this guy wiould one day betray us.

Zelos. out of all ToS cast I HATE zelos. and no it not cause he betray you it cause of his girl firts and worst is why he dose it.

and no I don't hate mithos or emil since I can understand their view points.

ToP, I hate arch. pretty much the same reason as zelos she just bad personallity.

ToV you can cause who, it Raven, same reason as zelos.

and I want to ask.

What your least like villian?

i least like one? umm hate to be ToS2 decus. he not as bad as zelos is with personaity and i do like his boss fight i just not a fan of his peronaity.