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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

This is all lies.

Was going to use this for the caption contest. xD;
All lies?

You picked one moment out of a whole seven episodes and it's the one where Iris was terrified of the Vanillite and had a natural reaction because that's how she handles her fear (by not running but trying to put herself between something and it [and her back counts; it's to remind us she's a girl, compared to how Cilan reacts to his dislike of Purrloin])?

She could have hid behind Ash and everyone would be calling it a Negai hint. So no, not all lies. :B And the reason she could not have hid behind Ash was because he was about to battle and the animators wanted only him of the three kids to battle (and especially unhindered), meaning Cilan had to be it by default, since they /had/ to have Iris react to Vanillite's presence, and this shot doesn't even show that Cilan was completely surprised/shocked/unsettled she used him. Scene way out of context (and context is everything); it's just something cute, but it's a far cry from being a real hint or even a shippy moment.
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