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    Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: Fierce. Wild. Raw. Dark-types are under-rated, oftentimes overshadowed by other types like the *pshhh* Fire-types. People should understand how Dark-type Pokemon can actually rule the woolrd *evil laugh* that's a bit dramatic. [email protected]

    Your partners:

    What type rules: the water-types. LOLJKASDFGHJKL. Dark types Rule!!!

    What is my favorite dark-type?

    Absol and Krookodile are personal favorites. Absol can be a fairly good sweeper with Night Slash and Psycho Cut.
    Krookodile's typing is a good one, and paired off with Moxie, Krookodile is a beast. He swept through the whole BW E4 with him.

    When did I started liking Dark-types?

    When I caught an Absol in Ruby. That's when.
    Originally Posted by XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX View Post
    Username: XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX

    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: Cool! Love Them!!
    Your partners: Mightyena
    What type rules: DARK TYPES!!

    I Can Make You Guys A Userbar
    Originally Posted by ♣Gawain♣ View Post
    Username: ♣Gawain♣
    What do you think of Dark pokemon: One word: Devastating
    Partner:'Cause he's my second favorite after Absol.
    What type rules: Obvious isn't it?
    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    Username: Hikari10

    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: Cool and strong.
    Your partners: Skuntank (I loved using it in 4th Gen)
    What type rules: I like all types but Dark rules in the Speed (not as speedy as Electric-types) and Attack (Crunch is an awesome attack).
    Originally Posted by Pokemonmaster_draco View Post
    First of all, DARK TYPE RULES!!!!, next my best dark type: umbreon. I lik it cuz of his massive defence. I first lik dark type when i saw the movesets of a gengar and how normal type is vulnerable against it. Why do i like them? Because of their appearence and move sets. DARK TYPE POKEMON IS THE BEST. How about it? Im i in
    You are all in. Welcome! In case you're wondering....the original owner has gone inactive and I was placed as the new Owner...not to make a contreversy.

    @Pokemonmaster_draco: You're accepted, but you could've have used the Sign Up form....since everyone else does it. Just pointing that out.

    Originally Posted by knight of the abyss View Post
    Username: Knight of the abyss

    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: KABOOM!

    Your partners: Bisharp

    What type rules: anything as long as its free.

    Originally Posted by ZeganZoma View Post
    Username: Zegan Zoma

    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: One of the best types' I have ever used. Always had one on my team. (Well, whenever i could.)

    Your partners: Tyranitar. Why, 'cause hes awsome. Thats why.

    What type rules: Dark type. Why? 'Cause i said so.
    Originally Posted by ShadowTheDarkrai View Post
    I'd like to join.
    Username: Shadow The Darkrai
    Partner: Darkrai. Duh. It's so sleek and powerful...
    What I think of Dark types: Massive Destruction, Creeping Shadows and Barrages of Attacks
    Originally Posted by Taposa View Post
    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: Cool and Powerful
    Your partners: Zorua as Zoza and Zoroak as Dazok
    What type rules: Dark.
    You are all in...welcome once again. Will update the main page to add all of you in. Just had a rough day.