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    Next chapter!
    Chapter 1
    Shadow's PoV

    My vision was blurry at first, but as my sight got clearer, I could make out the image of a light blue hedgehog with white stripes above me. Once my vision was normal, the hedgehog, who was a girl surprisingly, smiled and said "Oh thank goodness, you are ok! When I saw you getting attacked by that other hedgehog, I was so worried!" Wait, this girl hedgehog had saved me? Then again, Mephiles DID knock me out, so I didn't know what happened after that. She then added "My name is Shiver, what about you?" I sat up and replied a little rudely "My name is Shadow. That other hedgehog you saw that knocked me out was Mephiles."

    As soon as I said Mephiles, Shiver froze, then shook it off. "Shadow, huh? Cool name!" she said, it was like nothing at all happened. But I needed to find Mephiles and get my revenge for almost killing me! I tried to get up, but a pain in my leg prevented me from doing so. Shiver grabbed my arm and said "You shouldn't move right now Shadow, you are still very hurt. Is there a reason you want to leave so quickly?" There was Mephiles of course, but I did have another reason to leave. "Y-yes, there is a reason. I need to find my friend. With Mephiles on the loose, she is in grave danger." Then, I pulled out a picture of Elementic, my friend that Mephiles wanted for some reason. "Have you seen this hedgehog, Shiver?"

    Shiver nodded quickly. "Yes I have! I saw her running towards the forest nearby as I ran back here with you." I felt better, so I got up and opened the door to come outside, then looked at Shiver and said "Guide me to these woods. You can travel with me, but only until Mephiles is sealed away again." Shiver nodded and we walked to the woods where Elementic could be.

    Also, I gotta admit, Shiver was pretty cute.
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