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    Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

    ^ This is an example of over analysing.

    By all that logic half of the hints pointed out in the anime are wrong. There isn't any fun in that. So yeah.

    I picked out one moment for you, seeing as you said there had been no interactions at all. I'd say they could have let Iris run and hide behind a bunch of boxes. But maybe she ran behind Cilan because she thought of him as a protective figure.

    It's also really funny that her face is by his butt.
    Well yeah they're wrong.

    It's also not a "moment", as I explained, because I can easily argue he was simply the most convenient obstacle there was, and he clearly wasn't battling, so how would he have protected her? He certainly didn't try after knowing she was using him as a shield, since none of his pokémon even made an appearance.

    Shipping is fun in general, but it's aggravating that people tote, "This is evidence!" when it's really nothing more than their shipping goggles in place. Call this scene cute (it is funny), but if people are so starved for their couples that they would grip to the tiniest, not remotely evidential things, then bweh? Seeing characters interact is one thing, but you have to over-analyze if you even want to call it a hint or evidence.

    Because I never said there were no interactions ; I said there was nothing shippy in the last seven episodes. You claim that scene is shippy. It's not, so my point still stands.

    Though personally, I don't think they are aiming to give Iris a bona fied love interest between the two of them. She certainly treats them as bros, and that's as unromantic as you can get.
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