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    Alex really deserves to be a mod, after all he posts 24/7 on the cute club and other clubs too! He also has started right away with improving the group section once a moderator. Anyways, for any of the people who don't know how the story works it goes like this: I will post the start of the story and then someone else can continue the story in their post and the next person can continue it again and it will continue like that until we have a full story. Here are some rules for it. 1. This story must be about dark types and it can't suddenly go to a story about something like fire types. 2. Please do not post another part of the story if someone has not posted a part of it in between your last post for the story unless the club is getting inactive. 3. You may not end the story or kill off the main character one exception is that once the story is pretty much at the end you can make it into a story being told to someone and make that person the main character. 4. You may not make it have a huge love story or major violence in it, the limits are kissing and hugging and pretty badly damaged with cuts and bruises. 5. Don't insult the characters in the story or the creators of them, don't make it so that all the characters someone created died and don't ignore someones contribution to the story and continue from the post before it. Anyways, here is the start of the story!

    Long ago, there was a village of dark type pokemon near a mountain. The pokemon lived peacefully there until, many wildfires started breaking out and lightning kept on striking the village causing many house and feilds to be destroyed. They kept on repairing the feilds and the houses but they kept on getting worse each time. They didn't know what to do but one day a group of pokemon from their village formed an exploration team to find and stop the cause of this.
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