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Forest Near Torturehouse

Zane had initially accepted the plan, but Defender had another portion of it to speak.

"Vigil, if you're a close-range fighter what we could do then is use you as bait."

The first part of the plan made Zane look at Defender with a mix of worry and intrigue, wondering where he was going with this.

"When Sword and Shield and I get their attention with our attacks, they will come in our general direction, you can come out quickly do an attack or two or even taunt them to get them to follow you. While you're heading back into the forest we can attack them with more long-range attacks and they will again try to find us, then you can come back out and get their attention again. If we can keep up this routine we can lead them from the base, bunch them up, and circle around them. They will be so occupied with trying to find us in the forest that we can head back to the base and help Calamity. It's really up to you if you want to do that, but we can move them along just the same and still go around them. And... that's all I've got, see you later."

Zane agreed. If they could force the Ancients away from Calamity, they might all be able to help him out when they searched for them in the forest. The only problem Zane might see is if not all the Ancients chose to follow, and later on surrounded the torturehouse. But that was unlikely. Ancients were mindless footsoldiers, no voice of their own. It is only if Silver Tribe members were here that the plan would fail.

Defender headed for another part of the forest, as Sword and Shield headed to another and prepared his Surf attack. It flooded over a group of Ancients that patrolled close-by, taking them out with one blow. Zane marveled at the strength of the Snorlax, but he shouldn't be surprised. He is, in fact, a Gold Tribe member. A few seconds later, from another section of the forest, a ball of water in the form of Water Pulse hit another Ancient. The plan was set. As they released their attacks, Calamity ran off sneakily towards the entrance, and soon was out of sight. Zane silently wished him luck.

The plan called for Zane to go out and bait more in, but others were already moving into Defender's and Sword and Shield's old postions. By now, though, they would have moved. Then Zane saw it. The set of attacks actually baited out quite a bit of Ancients, a few dozen already heading their general direction, with others slowly figuring out what was happening as well. Zane leaped forward, taking on a group of Kabutops right closest to them, ramming into them with an Iron Head. The attack came so quickly and with so much force that the Ancients could do nothing but look as the attack crushed them. The Ancients now were directly in pursuit of Zane, who after that attack began to retreat back into the forest thickets, depending on his brothers now to take out the rest of the rather large group heading towards them.

"Let's hope this will work." Zane thought.

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